NewsmaxTV Wake Up America with Dr. Matt Chalmers talk about Fauci’s covid confusion.

Rob Finerty and Dr. Matt Chalmers sit down and cover Fauci's covid confusion with an interesting medical discussion from a holistic medical point of view. As the traditional mainstream media and social media platforms banned or shadow banned covid information from being disseminated, we can now talk about the source of COVID and the response.

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00:00 - Intro

00:02 - The White House will shut down its COVID response team after the public health emergency ends in May finally passed. This is as we reflect on the failures of the administration's handling of the pandemic, including lies from Dr. Fauci.

01:05 - What does that do to the process of actually ending a pandemic?

01:37 - Jessie Jane Duff talks about interesting points on Dr. Fauci`s tactics

02:51 - Talks about Hyperbaric Chambers

04:12 - Talks about Vaccine 05:12 - Why do you think the government hesitates to address therapeutics. Why do you think they didn't want people doing that?

05:38 – Outro

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Rob Finerty [00:00:00] Also, according to multiple reports, The White House will shut down its COVID response team after the public health emergency ends in May finally passed. What are we three years in change for 14 days to flatten the curve. This as we reflect on the failures of the administration's handling of the pandemic including lies from Dr. Fauci.

Home Owner [00:00:22] I heard that. It doesn't hear it and it doesn't stop you from getting No so.

Anthony Fauci [00:00:29] On the very, very, very rare chance that you do get it, even if you're vaccinated, it's a very you don't even feel sick. It's like you don't even know you got infected.

Rob Finerty [00:00:39] Yeah, that. Okay. Here to discuss is certified Clinical Chiropractic neuro Neurologist and owner of Chalmers Wellness, Dr. Matt Chalmers. did i say that right?

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:00:50] Chalmers

Rob Finerty [00:00:51] Chalmers Okay, cool. All right. So, Doc, I got to say here, like, look, you want to get vaccinated, Fine. You want to wear a mask alone in your Prius also fine. However, when you force people to do something that they don't believe is medically right, and then you lie to them about it. What does that do to the process of actually ending a pandemic?

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:01:10] Well, it doesn't help anything in the Pandemic, but it also destroys your credibility for anything else you want to talk about. And so that's that's one of the bigger issues with this, is that, you know, one, they're trying to take over ownership and domain of your body by demanding what you do and don't do it. That's the thing. Like you said, they're lying about the effectiveness of their medications.

Rob Finerty [00:01:28] Mm hmm. So yesterday we were joined by Jessie Jane Duff, who had some interesting points. On Dr. Fauci's tactics listen to this.

Jessie Jane Duff [00:01:37] He didn't go to northwest D.C.. I'm a resident of D.C.. He went into the poorest area. He went into the predominantly minority area because they thought they could buy get people to take this vaccination.

Jessie Jane Duff [00:01:49] African-Americans with the lowest population to take the vaccine because of why the government lies upon the Tuskegee experiment, where many African-Americans died as a result of an experiment.

Jessie Jane Duff [00:02:00] And yet they did go to northwest D.C., where the prestigious people, even the elites, live. Of course not. Oh, let's not pay them. We will insult the intelligence of the lowest, the poverty ribbon or low income people of Washington, D.C.. Disgraceful.

Rob Finerty [00:02:15] I mean, she's got a point, Doc. I mean, you go into there thinking that you're going to push this, and that was the result.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:02:24] Well, the biggest thing is that they're trying to find people who don't have any information, which is not that hard, because they kept everybody from getting any information about this. You know, we've been treating it with quinine and hyperbaric oxygen. We've haven't lost a single person and yet nobody knows about that type of option because we weren't allowed to talk about it on social media.

Rob Finerty [00:02:42] Wait, I'm saying is you've been treating people with Hyperbaric Chambers and it worked. Like, I consider myself an alternative health nut. Like, I don't even take aspirin. What is this?

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:02:51] So what ends up happening is that you have two parts of of COVID, you have the respiratory issues, you have the vascular issue, the blood vessel part, the blood vessel part, the clamps down doesn't let enough blood and oxygen flow through.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:03:04] Quinine knocks the spike protein off the ACE2 receptor site, allows the blood vessels to dilate back up into the hyperbaric oxygen, increases oxygenation tissue by 1,000%. You can look all that up. That's what we've been using and we haven't lost anybody pulling people out of hospitals so that we could save our lives.

Rob Finerty [00:03:21] So I'm actually I didn't even know about this this is unbelievable to me. So all this happens, you're not allowed to talk about it. You're a doctor because you know things about stuff when it comes to the Medical Field and you're said no, you can't. You can't do this?

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:03:35] We post it online multiple times. We got taken down the funny thing is we never got put in Facebook jail or anything like that. It would just disappear within 10 minutes of being put up that figured this out four months into this pandemic.

Rob Finerty [00:03:47] Wow. It's interesting that they wouldn't want therapy, you know, alternative treatment methods for all this. But they do want to talk about the Fifth Circuit Court. Okay. This has been a big thing.

Rob Finerty [00:03:57] Could the federal government mandate its employees and obviously people who work for contractors that work for the federal government to get vaccinated? The Fifth Circuit Court came back and said, NO, you can't do that. You can't mandate this.

Rob Finerty [00:04:12] Do you think that in some point enough people influence this on the public stage and said, Yeah, like if you want to get it cool, that's fine but if you don't, you shouldn't have to.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:04:23] You know, I think that played a big role in it but the biggest piece about this is this this decision isn't about medications or vaccines it's about who owns the person's body. Just because you're paying somebody doesn't mean you own that person.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:04:35] So forcing them to take drugs is way outside the scope of employment. And so that's the piece we really need to focus on this the government thinks it owns you and can do whatever it wants to that's the bigger piece of this, not the vaccine part.

Rob Finerty [00:04:47] Yeah, that's the crazier thing but at the same time, like going back to all these things, why do you think the government was so hesitant to address therapeutics like yours, like Ivermectin and things like this again? Let's say if you if you wanted to get the shot, go ahead. But if you also wanted to see your hyperbaric thing, which has a 100% survival rate. Why why do you think they didn't want people doing that?

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:05:12] Well, because the biggest thing is that they had to get that use authorization for for the vaccine, because as long as there's one treatment that's working out there, then they couldn't get emergency use authorization for the vaccine and that was the whole point. They had to get the Emergency Use Act for the vaccine so they didn't have to get it tested and they could roll out immediately.

Rob Finerty [00:05:30] Well, Doctor, I appreciate what you do and I appreciate you speaking out and keep posting your stuff. We appreciate it. Dr. Matt Chalmers, thanks for being here.

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