Revolutionizing Wellness in the Workplace with Dr Matt Chalmers

Heart-pounding moments and life's unpredictabilities often catch us off guard. Dr. Matt Chalmers joins me to share how this executive's close encounter with mortality sparked a company-wide revolution, emphasizing the non-negotiable necessity of regular health check-ups, especially for those in high-stress roles like sales. We open up about our own run-ins with stress and explain why preventative care isn't just a nice thought—it's a must-have for anyone looking to go the distance in their career.

We also tap into mental wellness and the groundbreaking potential of psychedelics in treating PTSD and addiction. Dr. Chalmers leads us through his experiences beyond the traditional healthcare fence, discussing his work with Delta 8 for pain management and his successful ventures in utilizing ketamine and psilocybin. We share compelling personal accounts and historical research to paint a vivid picture of the healing powers these substances hold, particularly for veterans and first responders who have walked through the fire of trauma.

Key Moments:

-Dr. Chalmers's craziest sales story!

-Managing pain isn’t enough

- tackling addiction can be done.

-The power of using psychedelics and alternative therapies for treating ailments and diseases.

-How the impact of trauma on veterans and first responders can be regulated and treated with specific, innovative therapies.

Connect with Dr. Matt Chalmers: Dr. Matt Chalmers is a respected health and wellness expert known for his holistic approach to health issues. With a diverse clientele, including athletes and celebrities, he specializes in nutrition, women’s health, weight management, and holistic healing.

Dr. Chalmers addresses a range of conditions, from chronic fatigue to chiropractic problems, often when traditional treatments fall short. His bestselling book, “Pillars of Wellness,” simplifies wellness practices, while his role in transforming health journeys is highlighted in Deborah Bain, M.D.'s book. With degrees from Parker Chiropractic College and certifications in various fields, he continues to impact lives in Dallas alongside his wife.

Connect with Drewbie: Your Host, Drewbie Wilson: With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success. Get Ready to Crush It in Sales!

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Highlights of the Podcast00:33 - The show by sales professionals
02:07 - The whole deal
02:54 - The guy who told me that we didn't need to do it
04:58 - The idea of protecting your heart and not wanting to have a heart attack.
06:48 - The Honda Accord gets you from point A to point B
08:13 - The thing that they don't want
09:57 - The kids don't listen to what you say
13:07 - The health and services and you don't really work with a lot of insurance.
17:29 - The car wrecks who are burned to death
19:11 - The mindset of just dealing with things that honestly
21:14 - What happened in Dallas a couple years ago with all the shootings
23:32 - The community is about helping people
25:46 - The receipt for the for the donation
28:15 - A real process to getting a result

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Stuart Turley [00:00:04] Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Doctor Chalmers Insights, the wellness podcast. Doctor Chalmers got to visit with Ruby Wilson and Ruby is with called The Damn Leads. This is a hoot of a podcast Revolution in Wellness in the workplace with Doctor Matt Chalmers. I'll tell you what, this is a great episode. Sit back and enjoy and listen to the podcast. Have a great one.

Drewbie Wilson [00:00:30] What's up everybody? Welcome back to Call the Damn Leads, the show by sales professionals. For sales professionals, I'm your host, Drewbie Wilson. With more than two decades in the sales industry, I have seen it, heard about it, lived it. And I'm here to share all the crazy ass sales stories that we get working in the industry of sales and bringing something to the community. That really gets me excited. Because here's the truth sales to sales and sales. There's a lot of different stuff out there that we can sell. There's a million ways to make $1 million. The fun of it is getting to share within the community and talk about all of those crazy stories the good, the bad, the ugly, everything in between. Today's guest, someone I'm very, very excited to have on. He's a personal friend he and I have been working together for, I think, close to five years now, and today's episode is really about more than just sales. It's about understanding how important your health and wellness is when it comes to being successful in sales. So I'd like you to help me welcome my friend, Mr. Doctor Matt Chalmers. What's up bro?

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:36] Hey what's up man? So okay, so I got, I got my, I got my feel sorry for you. And it is, I think hilarious and quite dark.

Drewbie Wilson [00:01:45] Well come on.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:46] So one of the, one of my buddies is a CEO. Brought me in to do kind of a sales pitch to the his whole C-suite about the executive physical. Hi there and stuff like that. And he was like, if you can sell our our accountant, our CFO, he was like, everybody, I'll do it. Like, all right. So I go in and I explain the whole thing. We talk about calcium keys and echocardiograms and the whole deal, and I talk about how, you know, this is the best way to figure out, you know, if you've got any issues with your heart or anything like that. And, and I told him, arch, it is the whole deal. And the guy goes, well, he was like, I get my cholesterol pole. And I've seen my doctor, you know, every year, religiously, every six months. So I don't think that this is something that we need to spend this type of money on. And so we're gone. And I was like, all right, fine. Yeah. Because I don't chase people like that's one of the weird things is like, if your health if you don't care enough about your health to do something about it, I'm not going to try to convince you to pay me and to care about yourself. So I just I'm like, cool. Whenever you guys decide it's important, call me back. So about four months later, I get a call from the CEO and he, like all of us, want you to come back and do your entire physical for everybody in the C-suite. And I was like, all right. I was like, what made you change your mind? The guy who told me that we didn't need to do it had a heart attack, and we would never have done the echocardiogram, the calcium CT. We would have found it. We would have kept him from having the heart attack. So, you know, it's one of those things that like it was a really easy sell. Once I said, if you do these things, you'll know if you're gonna have a heart attack. And he was like, we don't need that. And then the dude literally has a heart attack like a couple months later. So that was my favorite sales story because that that like office not only got there, but I got like 4 or 5 other offices that they're all friends with. So it was, it was a great, great day because I got like 20 or 30 sales out of it. And luckily the guy did survive. We were able to help him kind of go back to health, but that was just the thing it was. So that was just my favorite thing because it's like, hey, the guy who the sales guy who came and told you all this stuff, the expert you had come in and explain all this stuff to you and you were like, man, that's just sales trash. That's not real. It is like immediately we find out, no, it's not sale stuff, it's real. So that was my that's my favorite story that I've got so far.

Drewbie Wilson [00:03:54] That is absolutely hilarious. And, you know, divine timing. I shared a meme earlier and I'm going to have to cut it into this clip. And it's it's two parts, but it's basically the first part is, hey, you chose not to move forward. And then the second part is, and you're still having the same problems, and it's just so perfect for this scenario because like, thankfully the guy didn't die right here. He survived. He made it on. But like what an awareness to have something like that happen. And if you're in sales, there's two things to take away from this. A you can't fucking predict the future. Like I love you, but you can't predict the future. There's just no I don't care how healthy you feel, how healthy you might be, if you are not regularly checking the oil and getting yourself tuned up, you are 100% setting yourself up for failure. And also being someone personally who has had my addictions and life, whatever they may be. Caffeine especially being one that I'm a big fan of these days. You know, the idea of protecting your heart and not wanting to have a heart attack. I mean, sales is one of. The most stressful jobs in the world. So, Matt, what was it that made you really get into selling this service and protecting high C-suite level executives? Because, I mean, we've talked about it, but I love the listener to understand how important this truly is.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:20] So basically, what a lot of this came back from for me was I wake up at four and I do research, and I just read medical research, and I've done it for over a decade, at least two hours a day. And I started finding all these things that I was like, why am I not doing this? And then, you know, so I would go out and I get to sleep, study. And that's how I figured out how to fix epilepsy and stuff like that. And so, you know, I was like, oh, I did this for me, and oh, I need to do this echocardiogram for me and for my kids and stuff like that. And so I started as I do this research and I start figuring out we, we know how to prevent things we know. Have a look now to look at the future. The difference is that insurance will only pay for a problem once you've got it. And most of the time, if you have a heart attack, you have one because the first heart attack you have kills you. And so I was like, well, I don't want to walk down that road. My grandfather died of a heart attack. My, you know, I've got family numbers. So I'm going to look into this. And I found out how easy it was for that. And I was like, oh, all you gotta do is just pay cash for this stuff and you can get all this stuff, all these tests done. So I put this together, more of, just the stuff that I've done for me because, you know, it was important and the research was very, very obvious on the massive benefits. And so I was like, well, I'm just going to do these things for me. And then people started coming up being like, hey, what do you do? Like what do you do for you? And I gave them the list and they're like, why did you do all this? I broke it all down for I'm like, oh, well, I want to do this. And so that's kind of how it started. You know, building up was so like, do you need a McLaren? Well, the Honda Accord gets you from point A to point B, but if you want the very best of everything, the the best brakes and the best, you know, everything, you kind of stuff up to that, to that level. Until you get to that level, you don't really know how nice it is. But yeah, we found we did calcium CT that looks for plaque in the arteries. And I found I found a cyst growing around a tumor growing around the guy's heart. That would have killed him until I sent it to my cardiac surgeon had it cut out. It's funny, because he. My cardiothoracic surgeon calls this guy and he goes, you're going to be my office on Tuesday for surgery. He goes Tuesday. My patient goes two days, doesn't work right for me. And he goes, I don't think you understand. He's like, this is going to wrap around your heart and kill you. Maybe next week, maybe a month from now, I don't know, but it's sick. And so he had to go and had it all cut out and he was like, oh my gosh, that was a big, big piece of chunk to separate wrapped around my heart. So the big thing is if we don't look, we don't know. And you know, there's a lot of things like diabetes is super easy to fix, and it's even easier to fix if I know about it coming into it. If we look for it, we like you're walking down the road of insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance to diabetes. I can fix it today a whole lot easier. So, you know, that's just the thing is, if we look today, find the problems today, we can fix them back.

Drewbie Wilson [00:07:58] You know, Matt, that's so beautiful because it correlates so well to sales, right. As sales professionals, our job is to ask questions, get a feel for what someone's doing, going through, dealing with, and then put something in place to preventatively not get them the thing that they don't want. It's like, hey, you don't want to lose your business. Well, let's get you some lead so you can call the damn things and make more money. Oh, you don't have a process. Well, hey, let's install a process so that, you know, there's consistency with every lead, and you can track every dollar you spend with an ROI to it. It's like, hey, man, every time you go out to eat, you pick something healthy instead of getting deep fried fast food. And I know sales are sales. I love Taco Bell. I love convenience eating. That is the way I roll. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect. I do recognize, though, that the 300 pound version of myself was not nearly as successful, did not have near the energy, and didn't truly have the confidence that the 200 200 pound version of myself does today. And that all comes from having someone who's like, hey man, here's your choices. You can keep doing what you're doing and getting the same results that you've been getting. Or we can make a couple of small changes and and see what happens. And these are the expected results. And the expected results also include not dying, not letting some other asshole sleep in your wife's bed, in your home that you paid for, and raising your children because you were too much of an asshole to go and get a test done. And it's like, well.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:27] And that means that.

Drewbie Wilson [00:09:28] Yes, that's a sale.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:29] Does the last part, that's the biggest one for me because like, you know, if it was just as much as, you know, and everybody who knows me know by my feelings about how unbelievably amazing Luis. But, you know, if I died, I know lose me five. That's not that big of a deal. My whole terrified thing is, I'm not. I don't want anybody else to raise my kids. I want that's that's my job. I want to do it. And so, you know, the other thing is, is that, you know, one of the things I heard a long time ago that I've found is probably the most true thing about raising kids is the kids don't listen to what you say. They watch what you do. And so if you want your kids to be healthy, you got to be. If you want them to read, you got to read. You know, if you want them to, if you want to. Then it'll be good to them. To their. Their future wife or husband. River. You have to model that at home. And so that was my big thing. It's like what I want my kids to be healthy. I want them to know what's going on. And so I have to I have to embody that. I have to be the example. Otherwise we're not going to get where we want to go. And so that was the rapid. And the real big thing for me is whenever I think about something and I'm like, do I really want to do this? It's always like, well, who's watching me? Well then and laser watching me. And then they say they repeat stuff I've said. I don't even know they were listening to it. So yeah, yeah, that's a scary, scary thing. But, you know, at the same time I, I want my, I want the best for my kids. So I'm going to model the best for my kids. And that's been, that's a, that's a personal decision that I made, you know. And that's one that's been, you know, reading all the psych, reading all the love languages things, learning to communicate, you know, that whole thing, the NLP stuff. Know I do, you know, all that kind of stuff just so I can better communicate with my kids and teach them that, you know, they've got to keep walking down this road, you know, and better themselves continuously. You know, that's that's just been one of the things that I've done. It again, that drives me more than anything is what my kids are saying, what my kids are going to be.

Drewbie Wilson [00:11:16] Man, that's so, so true. And such a great point because as professionals, our job is to be leaders. And if you've ever been in sales for any length of time and tried to raise a sales team, it's like working with a bunch of freaking toddlers. And in my opinion, if you can teach your kids at home to behave, have manners, operate by core values, and lead the way that you operate because you're 100% right, man. It's like they're going to watch what you're doing, and whatever you're saying don't mean shit. If you ain't following that same thing with your actions. Words mean nothing if your actions don't match and kids are like perfect at spotting that. Which is why it happens when you start training a sales team. If you're on your training, your sales team, and you, hey, you got to make 100 calls a day, you got to make 100 calls a day, but you only pick up the phone ten times. What are they going to do? They're going to pick up the phone.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:08] You know, it's funny because, you know, every once in a while as a parent, your kids say something and you're like, yeah. So the other day my son asked because I was doing I was in a fast I was in a Sunday, the Thursday fast. And he actually he was like, you have to make you a burger. And I was like, sorry, buddy. On Fashion Call Thursday. And he goes, that sounds really hard. And I was like, it's not easy here. That must see why you like it, because you like to do hard things. And I was like, that's right. I go, why do I like doing hard things? And he was like, because nothing great ever came from something easy. And I was like, yes. Like I was like, that's right. I was market. I read and I'm sort of cried. I was like, yes, yes, he's learned something from me, like I've done something right in the parenting category. So that was that was a lot of fun. So that was that was a big the opposite.

Drewbie Wilson [00:12:54] So yeah, I love that. And you know man that's one of the things too I appreciate about you and why I'm so glad you were able to come on and join me on the show, man, because you are in a unique industry, right? You're in the health and services and you don't really work with a lot of insurance. So people pay top dollar to work with you and to get the services you provide, because it is truly about preventative health. It's about, hey, where are you now? And what can we do to create longevity versus, hey, man, you're all fucked up. Here's a Band-Aid. Let's get let's get you back into the battle. It's like, no, no, we need to fix this so that you can go back to war for the long term. And yeah, you have some things that you're working on right now. Some some kind of special. I don't know what the word is, but some, some things that you're working on as far as giving back to the community. Right. Some projects. That was the word I was trying to pull out some projects where you're giving back to the community. You're going deep on truly helping sales professionals and business owners get clarity and dial in on, you know, health and wellness for themselves and for their team. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:13:58] Yeah. So, so it's kind of a interesting story. So we developed a someone will strip for cannabis. So we have it on Delta so we can ship it across, you know, 30 different states. And we basically made it for pain that we could push back against the opioid epidemic. And I did a Ted talk on it, and it was fun. And my business partner was giving me a little grief. And he was like, hey, man, he's like, you figured out how to fix the pain portion is, if you can just figure out the addiction piece, you've got the opioid epidemic solved. And it was all funny and haha. So I was like, all right. And so of course the guy I am, I'm like, all right, let's go see if we can figure out how to fix addiction. It took me about a week or two. Yeah, exactly. It seemed like a week or two to find out. Then we figured out how to fix addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, all sorts of stuff in the 60s. But the pharmaceutical companies and the World Health Organization put a black box on it and said it moved all psychedelics and stuff to schedule one so we could no longer do research on, well, and then they rolled out all the remodeling, I mean, theory and other drugs for exciting and depression, stuff like that. But, you know, and so I started reading this stuff, and yeah, we can use things like ketamine and. Psilocybin really amazingly safely to go through and break PTSD and break addiction and stuff like that. And so the more research I get into it, the more validity I found in that. And then I did it myself. And one of the things that I didn't, I don't really talk about it till now is no point was I apparently had some PTSD when I was in college and my heart rate was sitting in the 90s all the time. Nobody could figure out what went on and all sorts of stuff. And then whatever. I went through Covid because I figured out how to fix Covid. We're pulling to our hospitals to work on this like that. I got Covid real bad a couple of times, and so my heart's in that stuff for about two and a half years, since about 2021, when I'd lay down. And I would be way too hard. And I everybody look at it. All my buddies, nobody can figure it out. So before I decide I'm going to do ketamine, I'm gonna push ketamine. Tell everybody about it. I was like, I'm gonna do this first because I and I realize not everybody feels I'll say that if I'm not willing to do it to myself, I don't feel like there's a lot of integrity with me being like, you should do it for you. So I went, I was gonna do it first. It was, it was, it was fine. Like, not something I would do for fun. I don't know what people do for fun, but, you know, I got nauseous afterwards, and I felt kind of bad. I get home and I go to lay down, and I lay down. And when I lay down for the first time in like two or, yeah, two and a half years where my heart didn't feel like it was beating to heart. So I go to sleep that night. I was like, well, that's cool. I wake up the next morning, my pulse, like my heart rate's in the 70s for the first time. I've seen it in almost 20 years. And so I was like, all right, this is more than just, you know, I feel good or whatever. And that's when I learn how much, how powerful this stuff is. And so we started using it with, veterans and first responders, and we're fixing their PTSD and fixing their addictions and stuff like that. And I was like, man, this is one of those things that when you find out about it, you got to do whatever you can to push it out. So I decided to do was to see all stories of all my supplements are so like that. I'm donating 100% of the profit from that to my charity, which is Citizen Mindset. Org and then we're going to use that money to pay for first responders. So that's police and fire paramedics and veterans to go through so we can break our PTSD. You know, we're looking at a point where, yeah, think it's 22 guys a day kill themselves, from PTSD and depression. So like that from our veterans group. And it's it's just as bad, if not worse with our first responders. Because who do you think this is? The four year old kids at a swimming pool. Yeah. Who goes to the car wrecks who are burned to death like our first responders have to see that day in and day out, and they kind of choose to put themselves between that trauma and us to help protect us. And so I was like, now we gotta we gotta give back. So all the money from the seawall store that we make goes to the charity so we can start fixing these guys. So we're using psychedelics like psilocybin. We're using ketamine to go through and fix these guys. But the big things were I'm teaching these guys how to do the set, the setting and the intentions. So these medications are amazing by themselves. But if you can learn how to use them properly, how to get your mind right, it does a tremendous amount of good for them to carry all the way through. So that's what we're doing with, you know, the see all sorts of like that. So the nice thing is, if you're already buying supplements from GNC or Walmart or wherever, get them from our store and know that the rest that money is, you're going to get great supplements, but the rest of that money is going to go to help a lot of people. So that's that's the big push we're going rock with right now, man.

Drewbie Wilson [00:18:26] There's so many great things about that. And again, I could give a million ways reasons why I love you so much, Matt. But the idea of a, hey, you know, there's all of these things out here that we are as sales professionals using to self-medicate because we don't want to go see a doctor, or we're not in a state where it's legal to go and get these things. And so we kind of find this methodology of home home service. But really the bigger part of that man is the the FIRStrillionESPONDERS, the veterans, the folks that are out there on the front lines. I find and personally have worked with so many from those fields who end up in sales because they don't necessarily fit in to your typical corporate job. Right. And maybe it is some of that PTSD and some of the mindset of just dealing with things that honestly, most humans on this planet aren't capable of dealing with. And so there are those few individuals who go above and beyond, like the first responders, as you mentioned, that they have to see these things and deal with this. And there's really I mean, it's hard to work through that. And so we do find that the self-medication and all that becomes a big deal. But the fact that there are ways that we can truly treat these problems and help people move past it for good versus just consistently putting a Band-Aid on it every day, smoking joints or drinking to the end of a bottle. It's so amazing that you've been able to go back and say, hey, listen, this already exists, but it's not anything new. It's not like we're having to create something, some brand new idea. It's like, hey, this already exists. We've proven it. And one of my favorite things that you say, and this is big for me in sales and selling. Any product or services. You did it for you first. You're like, hey, I will not sell this to someone. I will not give it to anyone unless I wholeheartedly believe in it and have proven and done it with myself. And to me, Matt, that is one of the greatest levels of integrity for a business owner and a sales professional is knowing I wouldn't sell this to you if I wouldn't use it myself. So I love that about you, man. That's just fantastic. And honestly, this whole movement that you're on of trying to help break addiction and the opioid crisis, man, there's there's so much good that I know is going to come from that in these coming years. And that's why I wanted to bring you on and share and make sure people know, hey, if you're buying supplements, get them from the see well store, like they're better quality, probably the same price that you're paying. And you know that any profits are going to help people who truly need it that are probably going to be there to help you in your time of need. So man, that is just freaking awesome.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:20:57] Well, you know, I've had we cut out of my car once, almost twice. And, you know, life flighted to parkland. So these guys had to take care of me. They've had to take care of my family members, my friends. And, you know, now that I've started meeting, a lot of these guys are real, our bodies are mine. And I just feel bad for them. You know, there's not a whole lot of help. Like, if you look at the what happened in Dallas a couple years ago with all the shootings, where they started shooting cops. There's a lot of guys who never got really the proper care for that. Like they got to talk about it, and that's helpful. But, you know, I want to walk through and be like, come on, guys, let's let's walk through this properly. Is using psilocybin was used in ketamine. Where where are those states going to allow us to use. And we'll get you guys better if the academy doesn't work here. Well let's why don't we fly? Want you guys to Colorado for a weekend or two where we can do so aside. And we'll walk through that because not everything works for everybody. Like the research shows ketamine to 85% of the time if you get to where you want to go. But that means 15% of the time we got to find something else. And so that's where we start walking through some of this stuff. And it's been spectacular being able to help these guys. We're going to start posting on the on a citizen mindset org. And then obviously all my social the doctor Chalmers number one just the doctor Thomas one. We're gonna be posting all these videos of these guys who, you know, we do the podcast us and they talk about how how rough things were. And then after we went through it, how much it benefited them. And so, you know, that's and I want to really set my goals to the point where we will post one video, one new video a day. So that means we've got to help at least 400 of these guys a year to get these things ready to post up. And so, you know, some of these things are a couple thousand dollars we got, you know, to get these guys fixed. So it's a big it's a big deal. We're asking for a lot of cash. But at the same time, like I said, if you want to donate, donate. But if you if you're just buying supplements for you and your family, get them from us. And then like I said, it'll really help a lot of people. So yeah. And that's that's been a that's been a real fun, real fun thing to start walking down. Because everybody I've talked to has been like, how can I help? And it's been really beneficial. And so that's why, you know, I reached out to you and you're like, come on my podcast. We'll get it knocked out. Let's tell as many people as we can, and hopefully they'll tell us even more as possible. So, you know, I told Ryan and he was like, all right. Yeah, Ryan. And he's like, I'm to hook you up with all my guys to go get you with drew. I'll get you with Jose. I'll get you with everybody. Like, we'll get it all squared away, like, and then we'll go do some stuff with my stuff as well. Oh my god. Cool. So but yeah, it's been really beneficial. Like that's why I love working with you guys from apex to, you know everybody there is just where you get to work down and where we're going to make sure people make positive change. And so that's why I'm so happy to be part of the group.

Drewbie Wilson [00:23:26] Hey man. And we're honestly, you know, happy to have you and why I love being a part of it as well. I mean, more than anything, the community is about helping people, whether you're, you know, in sales or you're in, in, you know, a corporate position, whatever it is, there's things that you're going through in your life or being around a community of like minded, success driven individuals can truly be a benefit. And you know, Matt, you've been an amazing example of that. You've gone way above and beyond. You're always pouring back into the community. You're always making a point to share this knowledge and this wisdom. And, you know, I can say from personal experience the products that you create top notch, my friend, the sublingual strips. If you guys are listening to this and you're into the, you know, the the smoking side of things, this guy has created a strip that is very, very powerful, very, very high quality. And it doesn't smell. There's no residual effects. You can use it and be free to carry on about your day and take care of business. So if that's the thing you're into, I may or may not, you know, vouch for the fact that they're really, really good emphasis on the men because I like them. So go in order some. And and again, more than anything, Matt, the reason I love working with you is everything that you're doing is about giving back to the community. That's what this show is about sharing crazy sales stories, sharing some tactics and some things that can help people. And you know, I'm very, very conscious of time. I know time is your most valuable asset, my most valuable asset. And everyone here's so two things I want to do before we get out of here. One, I want to tell you how much again, I appreciate you, man. And what is the best way for people to find your store? I'll make sure we have all the links in the show notes and everything. What you said. Citizens And then what's the wellness store for the supplements?

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:25:08] See? Well, storage. Just a letter c w e l l You can do it there. You can. Do you know the Thomas The C all source on that as well. And then if any of you guys have websites and you're like, hey add your c o for link to my website. We can. And then what the nice thing is it because we can track it. I can then go back and be like, hey, because the link from your website, 10,000 people box off last year. And so here's, you know, a thousand people donated money. So here's, you know, $100,000 in tax deduction that came from you. You put it on your website. Come on. Came through to us. Here's here's the receipt for the for the donation. So we can do that as well. So you know, anybody who wants to get, you know, get stuff together, you know, get Ahold of me through DM, whatever. Just like I said, Doctor Chalmers, one and all the socials and, you know, we'll be able to put it together because I think together we can all work together really well. It doesn't take a whole lot if you're buying a 100 or $200 a month for your family, a month and a thousand guys could get an excuse to do that as well. We're going to help a lot of people. And so, you know, everybody's like, well, I, I, I'm not going to help out. Yeah. Your your your your 2 or $300 a month with a giant help. You know, if you tell your friends, hey, if you're taking supplements, get them from here and we can help people as well. And then just follow me on the social media and you get to watch. You know what happens when we start getting these guys better? You get to see it all the time. And so that's that's the biggest thing is we all get to work together on this and you get to see actually what happened. Why did you give money to charity. And you're like, I mean, I hope it's going to where it's supposed to go. I hope it's helping people. But in this case, it's like now we're going to be that's the one of the things I don't demand, but I highly request you to do podcast before and after so people can see, you know, what that did help me. And the thing which we get into with our veterans and stuff like that is when you hang out with these guys long enough, they're a lot of these guys are your stereotypical like hard asses. And so they're like, oh, that works for somebody else. That's not gonna work for me. And so the idea is, once I see like 20 videos and they're like, oh, well worked for all those guys, maybe they'll work for me and they'll be able to go and try it out. So I will tell you the other thing. If you're are a sales professional and you're you're struggling with stuff, this isn't just for guys who've been in combat or just guys who you're fishing. Kids are cool. Like the number one thing we see is we see a slow like that constant pressure. I've got to make my number. Gotta do this. My kids need this. I gotta do this over here. Like, constant pressure will wear down on you. And it's a phenomenal thing for you guys to do. I got a lot of my guys who are sales professionals who are, you know, just, you know, CEOs just crushing it. They'll do ketamine on a quarterly basis just to keep their mind focused and everything sharp so everybody can do it. It's just the charity is specifically for these guys. And I would highly recommend everybody who have done ketamine hasn't done some of the psychedelic stuff. Get with somebody who knows what they're doing and get it done. It is wildly beneficial to your life.

Drewbie Wilson [00:28:01] Yeah, do it with a professional. Don't call Josie up the street and get the bag of mushrooms and go ham at the cabin. That's not the same setting, although it can be fun. I've been there, done that many times. It's not the professional setting we're talking about. What? What Matt talking about is truly having, like, a real process to getting a result with these, these treatments. And that's the whole thing, right? That's what it really correlates back to sales is that when you have a good process and you do things in the right order, with the proper expectations, you can get amazing results. And when you get amazing results, people are going to show up and go, hey man, how do I get those amazing results? Which is all of Matt story. Hey, I went and I did the thing. It worked for me. People asked me about it. I told them to do it. It worked for them. Now we're creating an entire opportunity to help individuals across the world, and I know I, for one, will 100% be putting this up, putting that store on there, making sure we have a link from the call the damn leads page so that we can send people to see wellness. Because I know this is something I've seen friends of mine personally benefiting from going through these treatments, and so I'm very excited to help and promote this. And the last thing that I want to do before we get out of here, if you have a crazy sales story, if you've been in sales and you've seen some crazy shit, I want you to come on the show. I want you to share your story. I want to help you put your mission out there. Guys like Matt come on here because they want to help the world. And I know if you're listening to this, it's because you care and you want to help your community too. So head over to call the Damn You're going to be able to put your information in there. Share a little bit about your story. We'll set up a time to come on and share the show. If you like this, hit subscribe. Share it with your friends, take some screenshots, put some clips out there, tag and call the damn leads. And more than anything, make sure you go follow my man Matt and get involved with this movement because he is truly helping people change lives, and I am so grateful that I get to be a small part of this. So thank you again, Matt.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:29:59] Absolutely, and thanks for having me on.

Drewbie Wilson [00:30:01] You've got it brother.

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