Concierge Wellness / Wellness on Offense

Concierge Wellness at Chalmers Wellness follows our philosophy of holistic care. Holistic care means that we take care of the entire body. Taking care of the entire body includes recognizing the effect of any medication, supplement, training routine, genetic issues, life style rigors, personal goals and then adjusting that persons care accordingly. This is the care system that are using for our professional athletes, CEO’s, political leaders, and stay at home moms. As you can see we work with the people who have the highest stress jobs. This system of care utilizes the best options that we have from western medicine (hormone therapy, diagnostic imaging, sleep studies, blood work) to the best of eastern medicine (muscle testing, meridian field repair, herbal tinctures, and supplements).

I like to put nutrition right in the middle as there are parts from both Alcat blood testing, supplements, Somatotyping and BMR/RMR testing. With this testing we can establish a baseline for where you are and who you are. We recommend that you have these tests done whether you are a patient of Chalmers Wellness or not, however, the way that this information is brought in and evaluated is different by everyone so obviously outcomes, recommendations, care, and cost vary wildly. Here is the list of tests that are routinely ordered and complied to draw a picture of where you are

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• ALCAT blood testing: This helps to ensure that we have no allergies or sensitivities to the foods we are eating. I have had people that are eating what would normally be thought of as a great diet show up to be highly sensitive to things like, olive oil, garlic, almonds, avocados, and a host of other vegetables and lean meats. Without this test it is very hard to tell if you are literally poisoning yourself with “good” food, which just isn’t good for you. This can be done anywhere in the US.

• 50 point blood test: This test includes a full picture of what is going on with you from hormones, to electrolytes, stress chemicals, and a host of other tests that helps give a holistic view of your blood chemistry. This can be done anywhere in the US.

• Calcium CT/ Calcium Score/ Heart Scan: The diagnostic imaging test allows us to see, and monitor, the amount of blockages that are forming in your arteries around your heart and other critical organs.

• Sleep studies: You spend at least 25% of your life asleep. If you are not getting the proper oxygen to your heart and brain your quality and quantity of life will be decreased. You will have more strain on your heart and brain. This will decrease over all energy and make thinking harder. This can also lead to anxiety, stress, and depression. Getting this checked and then fixed is critical to health. This can be done anywhere in the US. This test is critical for anyone who snores, has a neck larger than 15”, has a chest larger than 42”, has epilepsy, migraines, family history of heart attack or stroke, ADD/ADHD, or is just tired most of the day.

• Functional movement screens: Making sure the postural musculature is set properly and we do not have any dysfunction in the movement or head forward, rolled shoulder issues. If you do have these issues we come up with a plan to reset the neurology and correct the issues.

• Blood, somatotype, and Dosha type diet: This is to ensure that the chemistry the body needs is properly delivered. Not everyone should be vegan, but some should, this test helps tell us what is best for what body. This is very good at determining sugar needs and fat function.

• Eastern Medicine meridian repair: The body has 3 communication systems, bioelectrical-the nervous system, biochemical- the hormone system, and phot optic-the meridian system. Repairing the meridian system is critical to proper holistic function.

• Eastern Medicine muscle testing: This is the best way to determine small nutrient needs and infections from things like parasitic organisms. This helps fine tune the supplementation needs. This testing includes the basic colon and liver cleanse kit.