Women’s Health

There are so many things that affect a woman’s overall health and wellness that are not being addressed in today’s world. Testosterone needs, which are critical for the quality and longevity of a woman’s life, are just starting to be discussed with very few women getting the proper advice. Planning for pregnancy is critical to having the safest and healthiest pregnancy and the healthiest child. If the mother’s body is full of metabolic and other chemical waste, this can greatly affect the mother and developing child. If the mother is deficient in nutrients, this can be very bad for the developing child and make the mother feel terrible and result in mood swings, post-partum depression, nausea, sleep issues, weakness and fatigue. Women have special needs; their bodies are built a certain way and need to be treated as such. Chalmers Wellness understands the unique needs of a woman’s body, how it works and the specific chemical and physical requirements needed for proper wellness and long-term health.

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