Sports Injuries/Wellness

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, men and women young and older, however, we all have the same issues. We use out bodies in a different way than normal people. We want the most out of them and we push hard, often too hard, and often too hard in the same way over and over. This causes repetitive use injuries, it causes neurological feed back issues like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and lots of other shoulder issues. Things often hurt for no apparent reason and need to be worked out. The staff at Chalmers Wellness has been working with Athletes of all ages for years, from the NFL, NBA, MLB and all the youth varieties. Dr. Chalmers has certifications in neurology, sports, nutrition, and spinal decompression to help all athletes.

Dr. Chalmers has been an athlete for 30 years and not only understands what athletes go through and their mindset but how to help them balance and function in their sport. Dr. Chalmers has often said that you should never take an athlete to a non athlete doctor. Simply because if you are not an athlete you do not understand athletes. The idea that you should just stop playing a sport or take a few weeks off, which is what most doctors tell you, doesn’t work with athletes. We need ways to not only fix todays issues but to keep them from coming back. Athletes want to get better, work harder, and be the best, so quitting or sitting out does not work for us. Chalmers Wellness can help change nutrition, teach rehab and prehab to do at home, and deal with some injuries while still allowing you to play.

While many injuries we can work on and play through concussions are not on this list. Dr. Chalmers holds certifications in Clinical Chiropractic Neurology and has worked on concussions for years. This is one area that we do not play through and no one can “tough it out”. Treating concussions is serious and needs to be addressed properly. Often the best path for this is rest, CoQ-10, methylated folic acid (L- methyltetrahydrofolate), Omega acids, and hyperbaric. If you have a concussion get in immediately for care. There is no medication that will help with this and repairing the brain is 100% a metabolic and thus nutritional issue. If you have a concussion or think you or your child does get them in immediately it could change their life. Play through pain in the arms and legs never the brain.

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