Dr. Chalmers on The Crude Truth has boots on the ground in Ohio with Matt Coday, President OGWA, and Dr. Chalmers

This is an exciting episode of the Crude Truth with guests: Matt Coday, President of the Oil & Gas Workers Association; Dr. Matt Chalmers, Health Expert; John Gallo, VP of Construction; and Stu Turley, CEO of the Sandstone Group.

We cover the delivery of supplies from the oil field workers in West Texas and real insights from John and Matt in Palestine while delivering much-needed supplies. Dr. Matt Chalmers has some critical information for the first responders, people in the town, and what we need to do as Americans.

The Ohio train derailment is not the only one that has happened, and these chemicals are being spread.

People need to follow the Detox protocols, and Dr. Chalmers provides follow-up information and recommendations. Please get in touch with Matt Coday at the OGWAUS.com site to help with donations or how you can help.

Please let me know if you are a news agency or want to interview Dr. Chalmers. You can get in contact with me or reach out to him directly.

Please reach out to Dr. Matt Chalmers at questions@chalmerswellness.com

Or his websites: Pillarsofwellness.comChalmersWellness.com, and his Dr. Chalmers Substack.

Thank you, Dr. Chalmers, for your dedication to speaking out on critical health and wellness issues. – Stu




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