Superior HCL Digest 90t
Superior HCL Digest 90t
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Betaine HCl & Pepsin for Stomach and Digestion Support◆
Betaine HCl (betaine hydrochloride) is known as a hydrochloric acid donor—meaning it supports your body’s natural production of stomach acid.◆ Stomach acid plays a variety of roles in the digestive process, one of them being protein digestion.

Your stomach acid doesn’t digest protein by itself, but rather by activating a proteolytic (protein metabolizing) enzyme known as pepsin. Proteolytic enzymes like pepsin help carry out proteolysis—the breakdown of peptides/proteins into single amino acids and shorter-chain peptides.

When your body lacks healthy pepsin production (and function), protein malabsorption may occur, causing various gastrointestinal disturbances. Given the importance of betaine HCl and pepsin for supporting digestion (especially protein digestion) supplementing with HCl Support can benefit those with digestive issues in a variety of ways.◆

● Supports healthy digestive function◆
● Supports natural production of stomach acid◆



2 Tablets Supply:
Ingredient Amount Daily Value
Betaine HCl 1,340 mg **
Pepsin 90 mg **
** Daily Value (DV) not established.