Superior Red Yeast Rice
Superior Red Yeast Rice
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Support for Healthy Blood Lipids and Cardiovascular Health◆
Red Yeast Rice is now named Cardio Essentials Red Yeast Rice.

Cardio Essentials Red Yeast Rice contains a potent strain of red yeast rice extract called Monascus purpureus that supports cardiovascular function and healthy blood lipids.◆ Clinical trials suggest that Monascus purpureus is an effective supplement for positively supporting blood lipid balance and cardiovascular health.◆

A large body of evidence suggests Monascus purpureus produces a number of chemicals in the body which act to promote healthy blood lipid levels.◆ Furthermore, red yeast rice extract appears to have antioxidant roles in the body, which can support cardiovascular function.◆

The most relevant research-backed benefits derived from supplementation with Cardio Essentials Red Yeast Rice include:

● Support cardiovascular function◆
● Support healthy blood lipid profiles◆
● Provide antioxidant support in the body◆


1 Capsule Supplies:
Ingredients Amount Daily Value
Red Yeast Rice (seed; Monascus purpureus) 600 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established.