This Is What Actually Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

Some macronutrients, like fat or carbs, are designated as “good” on some diet plans, and “bad” on others. But added sugar is one that is known to have *no* nutritional benefits, and thus doesn’t need to be apart of anyone’s daily diet. “Your body doesn’t need to get any carbohydrate from added sugar,” Dr. Yelena Deshko, a general family practitioner with a special interest in, anti-aging medicine, tells us. Natural sugars are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, however any added excess sugar beyond that which naturally occurs in plants is unnecessary, she explains.

In fact, people who consume added sugar are at a great risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and many other chronic health conditions, board certified obesity speciality Katherine Saunders, MD, DABOM, explains. “High sugar consumption has been linked to many negative health outcomes including obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease,” Dr. Deshko warns. “Metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and cancer,” are also linked to sugar consumption, wellness expert Dr. Matt Chalmers explains. And not to mention, “Weight gain, inflammation, belly fat and mood changes,” are also known to go hand in hand with added sugar consumption, bariatric physician Dr. Amy Lee offers.

And not mention–it just makes you feel crummy! “In addition to the effects on health, added sugar can make people feel terrible,” Dr. Saunders, who is the co-founder and senior medical officer of Intellihealth, warns. Think about children eating sugar and subsequently being on a “sugar high.” “What happens next? They crash,” she explains. Adults experience the same response to sugar in terms of our blood sugar fluctuations. “When blood sugar crashes after eating sugar, we’re more likely to feel tired and hungry.” Ugh, the worst!

Finally convinced that cutting out sugar is for you? Here’s everything you know about what you can expect when you kick your added sugar habit

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