The Scary Downside To CBD That No One Tells You About, According To A Doctor

Appeared on SHEFINDS January 27, 2022 by OLIVIA AVITT

With the FDA approving the use of CBD in dietary supplements in the last year, you’re probably seeing a lot more of it on the market, and are curious about trying it out. Studies have shown that it can help with everything from anxiety to cancer to high blood pressure, so many people have started using it as a regular supplement. However, even too much of a good thing can have its drawbacks. If you are interested in trying CBD yourself, what are the downsides that you should be aware of? We asked Dr. Matt Chalmers, owner of Chalmers Wellness, everything you should know about CBD supplementation.

 First of all, what is CBD? Cannabidiol is a natural supplement found in the cannabis plant. However, it is not psychoactive, meaning it gives you all the health benefits of marijuana, without the effect of getting high. “CBD has been shown to help with inflammation, which can cause symptoms such as joint pain, foggy-headedness, IBS, headaches, sore muscles and a host of other pain issues. CBD also has calming effects on the mind and mood. It can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.” CBD can be a great resource if you struggle with any of these things, especially if you want to avoid prescription or over the counter medications.



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