The One High-Protein Breakfast You Should Be Having Every Morning For A Faster Metabolism

Published on She Finds - January 11, 2022. By Justine Schwartz

Just when you thought the perfect breakfast did not exist, nutrition experts unanimously suggest eggs and other proteins for kickstarting your weight loss goals. From your first meal of the day, give your metabolism a major boost with these super foods high in not only protein content, but low in fat and nutrient-rich. That’s a win-win-win!

“Protein has been found to be a key nutrient for weight loss, as it helps to curb appetite, preventing us from overeating and keeping us full till lunchtime,” certified outdoors athletics educator Jennifer Schultz tells us. “It can boost metabolism, as our bodies burn more calories when metabolizing proteins than carbohydrates and fats.”

So–which protein breakfasts topped their lists?


“The best high-protein breakfast for fat loss is eggs,” Dr. Matt Chalmers, health and wellness expert, author and nutrition speaker, says. “Whether your goal is to increase muscle mass, which also increases metabolism, or just burn fat, eggs should be a major part of your diet.”

Not only do they fuel the body for energy, but they contain enough choline “to significantly increase fat burn,” he says. Also, they contain B vitamins, vitamin D, zinc, iron and copper. A single egg has about six grams of protein and only five of fat!

“A single egg has approximately 6-8 grams of protein, therefore, depending on your goals, consuming approximately 3 eggs for breakfast will provide close to 20 grams of protein, matching the content of many protein drinks,” family practitioner Dr. Yelena Deshko, ND, agrees.

Not sure how to prepare them? Try one of these nutritionist-recommended breakfast burritos. Yum!



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