4 Simple Tips For Reducing Chronic Muscle Pain, According To A Doctor


Chronic muscle pain can be one of the most frustrating and debilitating things to experience. Regardless of its intensity, nagging pain of any kind makes it difficult to be productive, spend time with others, and enjoy the everyday delights of life. One of the hardest parts of navigating chronic pain is that it often feels like you can’t pinpoint a source, and therefore don’t know how to treat it. We asked Dr. Matt Chalmers, founder of Chalmers Wellness, what his top recommendations are for reducing chronic muscle pain so you can feel your best.

  First of all, what are some common causes of chronic muscle pain? “Overuse is the number one reason for chronic muscle pain. Even if you are just sitting still at a computer, your muscles still have to hold you in that position and that can create tension and soreness.” Chalmers says. You may think that overuse is only possible while completing strenuous activity, but that isn’t the case. Sitting hunched over at a computer typing or scrolling can put a lot of pressure on your back and wrists. Another unexpected cause is not drinking enough water. “One of the other major causes is dehydration. In the winter when the air gets dry, the water in your body will literally be absorbed into the air around you. We talk about drinking a lot of water during the hot summer months but it is equally important in winter.” With this being said, what are four tips for reducing muscle pain? 

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