Ultimate Skincare Collection
Ultimate Skincare Collection
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Simple Body - Our Ultimate Skincare Collection is everything you need to care for your skin! Bring back your skin’s natural glow with nourishing ingredients, gentle exfoliants, and powerful, clean moisturizers. Our collection is designed to guide you through a simple, easy skincare routine and take the mystery out of what to use and when.

VALUE: $220

Step 1, Cleanse
Foaming Face Wash
Use morning and night to thoroughly cleanse your skin.

Step 2, Tone
Use morning and night to balance the pH and tone your skin.

Step 3, Deeply Hydrate
Daily Face Cream
Use in the morning to deeply hydrate your skin.

Step 4, Nightly Hydrate
Nightly Face Serum
Use before bed to hydrate your skin. This serum uses aromatherapy to also help you sleep better!

Step 5, Nourish
Beauty Balm
Use day and night (optional) to hydrate, nourish and give your skin a vitamin boost.

Pomegranate Oil
Use any time day and night for dry skin, skin damage, or reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Detoxify your skin once per week with your clay mask.

Exfoliate your skin twice a week with our emulsified sugar scrub.

Brighten your skin once or twice a week with our enzyme mask.

OILY / ACNE also comes with a tea tree essential oil

*Each product will have specific instructions for use on the label