Diabetes Test
Diabetes Test
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  •  Apparent type 2 diabetes diagnosed by age 30 and/or not having typical risk factors for diabetes.
  • Type 1 diabetes without diabetes autoantibodies, especially in a parent or child
  • Diabetes diagnosed in early infancy.
  • Lean women who developed gestational diabetes with high fasting glucose levels.
  • Diabetes accompanied by other non-pancreatic features suggestive of a syndrome.
  • Other atypical situations.

Helix Lab Solutions offers comprehensive diabetes genetic testing to allow providers earlier intervention treatments. This genetic testing helps providers to form optimal individualized patient care plans at low costs to make the best clinical decisions for their patients. As many as 183 million people in the United States have undiagnosed Diabetes. The lifetime risk of developing diabetes is about 40% in offspring if one of the parents has type 2 diabetes. Thought it is greater if the mother is affected.

If both parents have diabetes, the offspring have a 70% chance of having diabetes.

Helix Lab Solutions uses Next Generation Sequencing technology to examine genes associated with an increased risk for developing diabetes. Because the risk of having undiagnosed diabetes is prevalent in America, it is important to have your patient undergo genetic testing.

Helix Lab Solutions paves the way for earlier intervention and treatment. Treatment for diabetes includes: increased surveillance, targeted and personalized treatment plans, and more preventative options.