Chiropractor for Motor Vehicle Accidents & Car Wrecks

Car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, ATV accidents, and even watercraft wrecks can cause serious damage to the spine and soft tissue of the body. It doesn’t matter how fast the motor vehicle is traveling when you are involved in an accident it can become problematic. Car wrecks at less than 10 MPH have been shown to cause damage to the neck, back, spine, and soft tissue that surround the area. Whiplash is a common occurrence in all motor vehicle accidents. In whiplash, the head typically moves up then very quickly moves back and forth. This motion can create concussions, herniated discs, and even break bones. It is critical that you get in for care as soon after the wreck as possible.

Many of these issues start to get worse over time and it is important that you start a timeline of injury. Too often people try to tough out pain from a car wreck and do not seek any treatment for weeks or months then it is often too late to get treatment under car insurance. This can be costly financially and to your health as the longer we let things wait the worse they will get.

The professionals at Chalmers Wellness can help you get all the medical care you need as well as help you find an attorney if you need one. So when you are in accident call 911, take as many pictures as you can, and get in to seek care as soon as possible.

Why You Should See a Specialist

As you can see damage to any of these structures can prove very damaging not just today but in the future. It is important that you are seen by someone who can offer the proper therapy for the neurologic and muscular damage that does result from car wrecks and other motor vehicle accidents. There are very important problems that need to be looked for very carefully such as Slipped and herniated discs, concussions, ligament tendon and muscle tears, nerve compression, inflammation, referral pain, radiating pain, cranial nerve entrapment, motor weakness, gait testing and the list goes on.

Very often in car wrecks and other motor vehicle accidents, pain is not perceived until 10 days to 2 weeks. It is very important that the person you choose to work with has been working with these type of patients for a while and has a command of this area of work.

Dr. Chalmers has been able to work with a large number of patients involved in car accidents ranging from 5 MPH dings to 75 MPH major impacts. Your choice of who you allow doing your rehab is critical. If you have any questions please call the office at 214-446-5300.