Which is better calories in or calories out?

So, I am about to start a giant fight with people but let's talk about it. Calories in vs. calories out for fat and muscle levels is NOT all you have to worry about. Chemistry matters.

Does the body respond to 2000 calories of lemonade the same way the body responds to 2000 calories of vodka? No, that's silly, but this is all the evidence you need to see certain things cause different reactions in the body.

Too many people are stuck in the idea that every human has the same internal chemistry. Everyone on earth has a body that does not work exactly like the person sitting next to you and on the other side of the planet.

In the same way, if we are all the same, why do peanuts kill certain people and not others? Why do some people follow a diet plan perfectly, from a calorie standpoint, but don't get the results someone else did?

I see scores and scores of people come to the office on all kinds of diets based on calories and not chemistry, and these people are miserable and not reaching their goals.

Calories are a thing, and we need to factor that in. That is not the argument I am having. The argument I am having is that certain people need different chemicals.

I think that these calories are all that matter thing started by people getting great results on mesomorphs and thus thinking everyone was the same, so suck it up, be dedicated, and just eat less.

Oh, you didn't lose the fat on a diet. It must be your fault. You need to be better, follow the plan right, and work out more. No, the person writing your diet didn't do the chemistry portion properly. Now losing the last 3% to get on stage takes a masterful cut plan and often deals with calories very tightly.

However, it is still set in a tight macro set. Look into somatotype and hormones before you decide to give up.

If you can find the path to your chemistry, you will find a way toward your goals. Don't let people tell you that since you don't fit in the box, you can't be helped or broken. You need to figure out your box, but to a large degree, that is why we are here.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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