Why Should You Consider Getting a Testosterone Test?

Unfortunately, not everyone who works with them discusses, advises on, or is responsible for testosterone. Yes, there are many doctors who discuss testosterone but know nothing about it. For example, it has a half-life of about 7 days. That means that in about 7 days, half of the medication will be out of your system or will no longer be acting on you. So, if you're at 1000 on Monday, which is shot day, you'll most likely be around 500 the following Monday if the math holds. This is critical when taking blood to check your testosterone levels. All too often, people will get their shot on Monday and then have their blood drawn on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then they are surprised when their test levels are too high for their doctor. Many doctors do not know how to perform a blood test, so they rely on reference ranges. If the number on the report is outside of the range, it is bad no matter what. So, if you ask a doctor how my testosterone is and the range I've seen is 200-800, and your test level is 955, they will tell you that you need to reduce your testosterone.

The problem is that you want to be at the upper end of the range on trough day, or the day when your testosterone is at its lowest. If you talk to your doctor, any doctor, about testosterone, assume they don't know anything about it and get your blood tested as far away from the injection as possible. This is something I teach medical doctors all the time.

I want to tell you to only work with people who know what they are doing, but many of them will tell you they do but do not. If you tell your doctor you are on testosterone and they don't run a CBC and CMP, only testosterone levels, they have NO IDEA what they're doing. I had a patient who went to the doctor and told him he was on testosterone.

The doctor took his test levels and told him to stop taking them without asking when he took them. The doctor never ordered a CBC and CMP. His test level at the trough was 1100, which was too high for the doctor. That, by the way, was taken a day and a half after he shot. So, in this case, he may be taking too little, rather than too much. Take care of whom you listen to for health advice.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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