What do you think the future holds for your healthcare?

I was asked on a podcast the other day what I thought the future of healthcare was going to look like. I said I was very optimistic that wellness was going to become a much bigger thing. People have started to use the phrase “take control of my health,” which I have never heard before.

While this is super encouraging, I am not jumping up and down yet.

The issue is that as people find out that truly taking control of their health means they must put in a good amount of effort and time, they are less inclined to make changes.

Having said that, the desire to move to a healthier version of yourself is starting to gain more ground. The psychology of people is starting to open up to the idea that just because you are not sick does not mean you are healthy.

More and more people are starting to call and ask to just get some basic testing done so they know where they stand. People are starting to get a reference point, and this means they are truly wanting to get and stay healthy.

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The problem we are going to start to see in the next few years is who can we trust with our health advice? Where do we look for advice that is accurate?

This will start to boil down to how bad we all really want it. Even with the possible push back from different aspects of society I feel confident there will be a way to get the real health and wellness information out there.

From a wellness standpoint, the future looks pretty nice.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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