What are your priorities? What are you going to do about them?

We have all heard the expression you don't find the time; you make time. This is such a great statement because it is so true. We will make time for the things that we value, the things that are priorities. We make time for our kids, for our hobbies, for our spouses, and sometimes for work.

That only sometimes leaves a lot of time for our health. When I talk to people about their fat content, working out, or diet, I often get the response: "I just don't have time." However, I think the real answer is that the importance of this topic is not high enough.

I work with someone who has had bad lower back pain, energy, and breathing issues for years. This person is also at least 100 pounds overweight. His attitude is that, well, I'm just a big dude. He doesn't think that his diet is bad, he doesn't see the need to work out, and he does not see his physical form as that unhealthy, so he has no priority to change things.

When I try to talk to him about it he tells me that "it isn't his goal to look like a bodybuilder". Now it is his right to look or be the person he wants to be. However, it is also hard to listen to him complain about his issues while ignoring his fat's obvious health issues. We all have our own "fat" problem, though.

 Whether it is actual fat we need to trim off, emotional issues we need to deal with, chemical/nutritional issues we need to fix, or gaps in our spiritual function. There is the growth we can all do.

If we want to do self-care and do the best for our friends and family, we need to start leaning into this and make figuring out what we can do to fix these issues ourselves a priority. Then WHEN ASKED, we can help others with their journey.


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