Unveiling the Power of Mentorship and Finding Purpose Beyond Success

During conversations with some individuals, a recurring issue emerged. They expressed a sense of boredom and a desire for something more in their lives, despite the success of the businesses they had built. We delved into topics like their marriages and parenting approaches, discovering that these aspects seemed to be going well. However, the prevalent feeling of emptiness persisted. After discussing their sources of happiness, it became evident that they were being drawn toward mentoring. This calling went beyond mere obligation; they felt an internal need to engage in it.

This sensation of emptiness, akin to a void within, was baffling to them. They grappled with its cause and found it increasingly troubling. When probing about their emotions while mentoring, a common response emerged: fulfillment. It was a realization that mentoring, guiding, and educating others was the remedy for their inner void. Notably, these successful individuals, both men, and women earning substantial incomes, acknowledged the prospect of sacrificing monetary gains for the opportunity to mentor. Their desire to assist others outweighed their financial considerations.

This phenomenon was a recurrent observation among accomplished individuals. As their own lives reached a state of stability and achievement, a fundamental shift occurred. They transitioned from a mere want to a profound need to aid others. This drive wasn't influenced solely by societal pressures but rather emanated from within, often attributed to a spiritual or intrinsic calling. This trend cut across various income levels, indicating that the need to fill an inner void through mentoring was a universal experience.

For those who sense an inner emptiness or discomfort, a potential solution lies in exploring their spiritual aspect and embracing mentoring. Drawing from personal experience as a mentor over the past years, I can attest to the immense gratification that accompanies witnessing someone surmount challenges and attain success. Every individual possesses valuable insights garnered from their unique life journeys. Regrettably, many fail to recognize the significance of their struggles and the lessons they've learned. This lack of recognition prevents them from comprehending that they can alleviate the pain of others by sharing their experiences.

Enormous potential exists for helping others, with the understanding that personal experiences qualify one as a valuable guide. Whether it's a brief piece of advice, a short talk, or a more extended commitment, the act of overcoming personal hurdles and moving forward positions individuals to assist others in surmounting similar barriers.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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