Unlocking Women’s Health: Insights and Solutions with Dr. Matt Chalmers on the Barry Shore Podcast.

In this episode of “The Joy of Living” hosted by Barry Shore, Dr. Matt Chalmers shares his insights on various topics related to women’s health, gender in sports, body types, hormone therapy, the opioid epidemic, and the healing power of testosterone.

Starting with women’s health, Dr. Chalmers expresses his concern that not enough is being done to address issues such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and endometriosis. He highlights the potential benefits of increasing myoinositol and emphasizes the impact of excessive estrogen levels on cancer risk. Additionally, he acknowledges the importance of addressing psychological and mental aspects of women’s health.

Moving on to the topic of biological male/female distinctions, Dr. Chalmers supports the idea of keeping men and women separate in sports competitions to avoid confusion and dysphoria. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining gender distinctions and suggests that introducing the wrong chemicals or chemistry into the body can lead to adverse effects, including cancer.



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Show Notes:

[10.16] Women’s Health

  • Nobody does anything for women
  • If somebody does anything, it looks like that’s all they do
  • We wouldn’t have PCOS or Endometriosis
  • If we can increase myoinositol that can help
  • If women have too much estrogen that can cause cancer
  • There are lots of things psychologically and mentally we’ve got to work on with women.
  • The angle from the hips to knees is called Q angle

[15.09] Biological Male/Female

  • The men are just winning all the time in MMA Sports
  • We need to keep the men in the men’s sports
  • And we need to keep women in the women’s sports
  • Women need to compete with women and so men with men
  • We don’t need gender confusion then gender dysphoria
  • If you put wrong chemicals or allow the wrong chemistry to be in the body
  • It will go sideways and sideways is oftentimes cancer

[17.35] Endomorph

  • When we talk about body function
  • People come there I want to lose/gain weight
  • Look at the somatotype or how their body is built
  • How your body uses insulin
  • People who can’t gain weight at all are called Ectomorphs
  • The guys in the middle are mesomorphs
  • I tell people who I do concierge work with
  • Send me your picture in a bathing suite
  • I can design a diet & exercise to get where you need to go

[21.45] Women Advice

  • We’ve decent set of women
  • I do hormone therapy and all kind of supplementation nutrition
  • I had two pediatric female doctors
  • There are lots of women Cairo’s out & they’re fantastic
  • Get your chemistry right so that’s going to be hormones
  • You’ve to pull the estrogens down
  • We have to pull the testosterones up
  • If you’ve any menstrual issues such as PCMS, PMS, PCOS
  • Start taking one or two myo-inositol a day
  • The ratio of myoanasal to dnasazole is really one of the big things with PCOS
  • My patient went from an average of 22 cysts to two
  • It took her three months to get there
  • You need to figure out that out that you’re beautiful to yourself
  • Realizing that will help lots of psychological stuff

[33.16] Opioid Epidemic

  • We’ve two replace what we’re using for pain
  • We should be using cannabis instead of opioids
  • If you get small amount – you won’t get high, but you won’t have pain
  • Research: 64 percent of time we can use cannabis
  • A lot of people have back surgery or car wrecker
  • They end up taking too many opioids and they become addictive
  • We can break that addiction with ketamine therapy
  • Ketamine is an anesthetic we’ve been using it for 40 years
  • Ketamine is great for PTSD, Addictions, Anxiety and Depression

[38.14] Hormone Therapy

  • Exercise is the number one way to get rid of depression
  • Second best way is testosterone
  • If you don’t have enough testosterone, exercise can be damaging to the body
  • We need to control hormones level back up
  • If you’ve extra testosterone in the body
  • The body is going to say: “Hey, you need to build those bones!”
  • People say testosterone gave me bunch of energy
  • It let your body heal the muscle tissue
  • After healing it has more mitochondria
  • And it produces more energy in the body

[40.15] Healing

  • Testosterone is a healing hormone
  • For women it should be 80-150 and
  • For men between be 800-1200 on trough day
  • Stress levels go high, test goes low
  • You can get these hormones by going to pillarsofwellness.com
  • You can buy them from your own labs
  • You can sign up for LabCorp app and you get your results back
  • TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • People will talk about diabetes, but they won’t pull insulin
  • Vitamin D3 is not vitamin but it’s a hormone

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only. Before taking any action based on this information you should first consult with your physician or health care provider. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions regarding a medical condition, your health, or wellness.

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