Understanding Somatotypes and Unlocking the Chemistry of Your Body for Optimal Health and Fitness

People frequently inquire why I require full-body photos of them while establishing their diet regimens. The reason for this is that I want to examine how the diet journal you supplied me looks on you so that I can establish your somatotype. I want to make certain that I fully explain this to you. Because of the way your body's chemistry is set up, your body appears the way it does. Somatotyping is just applying a visual evaluation to a chemical equation. Your somatotype is fixed in the womb when you are in utero and your body is developing.

As your body absorbs sugars, it will change the way it grows based on the chemistry it had when it first formed. The way chemistry constructs your body is a reflection of your interior chemistry. If you know what you're looking for, you can quickly discern what someone's somatotype is and consequently what diet modifications they need to make just by looking at them. So, if you are a huge, thick person who has to watch what you eat because it will be stored as fat, you are an endomorph.

Because your body prefers to burn fat as its fuel source, anything you put into it that is sugar will be promptly turned into fat so that your body can eat it later. If your body prefers to run on sugars or carbohydrates, you will not retain fat because your body does not want to burn fat as fuel in the first place, making you an ectomorph. People who are overweight and unable to shed weight must eat just fat. People who can eat anything and not gain weight must ingest enormous amounts of sugar in order to grow muscle.

Those in the center can subsist on both, therefore a more balanced amount of fat and carbohydrates is required. To achieve optimal health outcomes, not everyone must consume the same foods. Before you choose a diet, research somatotype and try to discover your body's chemistry. It also has an impact on your workout.

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