Therapies in Wellness, Non-Abortion Cord Blood-Derived Cells for Health Enhancement

It's amusing that many people in the medical world believe that using stem cells to treat patients is unlawful. It is not, and it is prohibited in the United States to advertise that stem cells can accomplish anything. If you tell someone that stem cells can assist with the X problem, the FDA will shut you down and put you in jail, even if you can prove it. If you tell me your friend had stem cell therapy and X improved, I can legally explain why, but I can't tell you it was because of the stem cells.

The problem is that, for better or worse, the way things are done in this country requires us to pay the FDA millions of dollars for any health claim we wish to make. They then test it to see if it is true, and then allow you to advertise that, yes, this product accomplishes what it claims. So, if you say stem cells do X and pay millions to prove it, you'd have to pay them again to prove it does Y.

This is to inform you that we are currently performing IVs in the office in this field. However, we are not dealing with "stem cells"; it would be like selling Ferraris and claiming to be a car dealer. Only cells from non-abortion cord blood from unvaccinated mothers were factored in. I can't tell you it can diagnose, treat, cure, or manage any disease since that would be illegal. However, if you conduct your own study and are seeking something in this field, we can now assist you.

This procedure is being incorporated into many of the "wellness" procedures available to individuals. Again, we are not treating any sickness or disease process; we are simply providing the body with the strongest tools available to accomplish whatever it wants with them.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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