The Therapeutic Benefits of Massage: Detoxification, Relaxation, and Wellness

Many people think of massages when they think of relaxation and luxury. While a massage can be incredibly soothing and should be included in every excellent luxury holiday, we should also consider it therapeutic. For example, most deep tissue massages tell you to "drink plenty of water," but do you know why? The explanation for this is that deep-tissue massage is one of the most effective ways to remove harmful metabolites that become lodged in the muscles.

Massage forces these substances into the lymphatic system. The compounds can then be transported by the lymph to the liver and kidneys for processing and elimination. This, however, necessitates a bit more flushing and water as a transport medium than usual. This is also why some people feel queasy or "sick" after receiving a good massage.

If you feel a little queasy or ill after a massage, you should perform a kidney and liver detox program, followed by more massages. If you feel blah or awful after a massage, it signifies your body has been storing these poisonous compounds in your tissues for far too long and in far too large quantities. It is vital that they are resolved.

In summary, I recommend that you get more massages. Also, if you come across any decent massage therapists when you're out having massages, please let me know because I'm always searching for nice folks to work with.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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