The Power of Choosing to Hate Lazy: How One Decision Can Change Your Life

I was recently asked at a networking event what one decision I had made that had the most impact on my life. It's a simple decision, and I ask myself this question several times a day. My question to myself is, "Am I being lazy?" Over the years, I've discovered that doing anything I can to prevent being lazy improves my life. The issue is that my default setting is sluggish. However, after careful reflection, I have decided to despise laziness and have grown to attempt to combat it.

When I say "selected," I actually sat down and looked at it, trying to think of a logical reason why it was a good thing. I couldn't think of anything. I couldn't think of anything nice to say about it; all I could think of were negatives. Personally, I consider anything that is mostly or always negative to be a good thing. I know that the correct solution is always the one that is diametrically opposed to the thing I dislike.

It doesn't matter if I am tired, sore, or don't really want to, if the question is are you being lazy, I will usually do the opposite. I'd say that the great majority of the things I cherish in my life stem from this decision. My relationship with my wife, my business success, and my capacity to assist others. All of this has resulted from the simple decision to be this lazy. My wife didn't have time to go to the grocery the other day, but she promised our youngest that she would purchase him grapes.

She was still working and helping the kids with dinner at the end of the day. When Laith asked whether she had grapes, she said she was sorry but she hadn't and that she would go get some right away because she had promised. I went because she had stuff to do and all I had to do was finish eating. I could have said nothing and just let her go while I stayed at home and did whatever I wanted, but that would have been the lazy option.

When I returned, she told me that my presence had been quite beneficial to her. She didn't ask, and if I hadn't let her go, she wouldn't have thought about it. It would never have been a negative husband thing, but since I chose not to be lazy, I found a way to assist my wife. It wasn't a help-the-wife thing; it was a choice of what is the lazy thing to do in this situation, and I chose the opposite.

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