The Crucial Role of Pelvic Alignment in Female Athletes

I encountered a physical therapist the other day who was complaining about her glute (butt) and adductor musculature (inner thigh muscle) not working properly and no one could explain why. She stated that despite the MRI, NCV, and all of the therapy, her leg was not improving, and that you could detect atrophy, or loss of muscle mass, in her leg. The problem with this woman's glute med and adductor was caused by her pubic symphysis being out of alignment. I know I say it all the time, but women have been medically left out in the cold.

There was a difference in contracture in her right glute when she flexed her glute muscles. There was also a weakness in her right leg when she did adduction motions. She felt better activation and strength in her glutes and adductors after I reset the pubic symphysis. Because her nerves and muscles were healthy, all of her tests came back normal. In fact, they didn't work because they were doing what the body required them to do, which was to stop operating.

When the pelvis or any joint complex is out of place, the neuromuscular mechanoreceptors (items in your muscles and ligaments that communicate from muscle to brain) instruct the muscles to cease working so that no further harm occurs. When the joint complex was reassembled, the signals changed from don't contract to it's okay to contract. That's why she felt it the moment she stood up from my table. There will be a lot of effort involved in restoring this because it has been years since it worked, but she can now rebuild.

Adjusting the pelvis is crucial for both female and male sports performance. If you're a female athlete who is having trouble getting your midsection to work, consult a pediatric and pregnant chiropractor. The pediatric group, not my sports group, taught me about the pelvis.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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