Surrounding Yourself with Growth-Oriented Individuals, The Million Dollar Mastermind Experience

The Million Dollar Mastermind, or MDM, officially begins today. People frequently ask me what motivates me and who is in my chosen family; the response is these people. People who spend thousands of dollars and sacrifice weekends to learn to be better. People who have higher aims than themselves need to collaborate with others to get there.

People who understand that growth comes from hard effort and knowledge must work on themselves to achieve where they want to go. People who are looking for a change. It's difficult to be among people like this and not feel driven and ready to grow, improve, and be more than you were yesterday. My friend Ryan Stewman has done an excellent job of building a culture of growth and personal development, which should be evident this weekend.

If you're seeking for a group to help you grow, look no further. If you're seeking for a FOC who won't let you make excuses. This is the circle for you if you want to be surrounded by positivity and possibilities. This event has now sold out, as is customary. Follow Ryan Stewman on social media to learn about the next time we all get together.

Ryan refers to those you choose to be with as your group, whereas I refer to those you choose to be around as your spiritual pillar. Whatever you call it, you must locate the individuals who naturally encourage you to be better and spend as much time as possible with them. If you haven't found your group or circle yet, I recommend you search here because this group is fantastic. Find your circle, your FOC; they will cause you to grow even if you aren't aware of it.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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