Strategies for Preventing Constipation and Supporting Detoxification

A frequently asked question is how to relieve or avoid constipation. This is a serious issue because it is vital to the detoxification of the stomach, liver, and, in fact, the entire body. There are five critical components to optimal bowel motility, so let's start by ensuring we're getting enough of them. Water, oil, salt, probiotics, and riffage are the five nutrients. Water, You'll need the right amount of water in your system. This not only ensures that we have enough fluid to detox and flush out waste, but it also helps lubricate and maintain the right consistency of materials passing through the colon.

I recommend 70-100% of your body weight; however, make sure your pee is always clear, and you'll be OK. Oil, which can be olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil, will assist in lubricating your intestines and retain the consistency of fecal matter as long as it is clean and healthy. Salt is an important nutrient for the adrenals. The adrenals aid in the maintenance of fluid levels in the intestine, allowing for adequate waste removal from the body. Probiotics aid digestion and can help maintain normal, healthy gut function. This also aids in the control of inflammation and yeast infections.

Peristalsis can occur more easily when yeast is kept in check and gut inflammation is maintained low. Ruffage is the ingestion of fibrous debris. This can be in the form of food, such as broccoli or celery, or supplements, such as galactin, psyllium husk, and greens blends. We can usually get constipation to go away without taking anything additional if we start here and make sure we eat these things. If you still experience problems, you should consider taking more supplements. I like to start with magnesium supplements.

Magnesium is essential to the body for a multitude of reasons; but, when consumed in big quantities, it acts as a smooth muscle relaxant, allowing everything in the colon to loosen and go through. For daily use, magnesium glycinate is OK, but if you're in a series, magnesium citrate, the liquid, will get things moving quickly.

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