Sports can teach life lessons for success.

I love athletes. Sports prepare you for success like nothing else can. I have had the pleasure of working with athletes of all ages including both professionals and amateurs.

I had a conversation with the mom of a child taking gymnastics that summed up my love for what sports teaches. She was telling a story about when things go wrong and you feel like you're falling apart. When everything crashes down, you're left crying and hurt. She told me you don't quit or go home. What you do is you go to the bathroom, fix your face, get back out there and keep working. 

You do it until you get it right, then you practice it right until you can't forget it. I cannot think of a better way to look at life. Sometimes it's hard and feels like life is kicking you in the teeth. When that happens, you go to the bathroom, fix your face, get back out there and work even harder. 

Athletes understand hard work. They understand pushing themselves to get where they want to go. These are lessons you learn best from sports. If you have kids, let them push themselves. Let them get pushed way beyond what they, and you, think are their limits. 

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Dr. Matt Chalmers 

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