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What is one of the most significant heart, brain, and muscle system supplements? Of course, it's CoQ-10. Now the question is, why is CoQ-10 so beneficial? The explanation is found within the electron transport chain. This cycle is in charge of all aerobic ATP generation. What exactly is ATP? Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the molecule that powers everything in the body. It causes all of your muscles to move and your mind to think.

It aids in the battle against cancer and other diseases. It is frequently referred to as the money with which the body is compensated for its efforts. Consider that if it causes muscle movement, that means that every time your heart beats, it requires ATP to do it. When you run out of ATP, your body returns to the excellent electron transport chain to produce more. This mechanism works quite well, but what if you don't produce enough or are using a cholesterol-lowering medication? Everything in your body begins to shut down, much like a car engine running out of gas.

You begin to think slower and experience frequent brain fog, your muscles become weaker and softer, your heart struggles to operate, and your quality of life rapidly declines until you die. As a side note, this is why it irritates me when patients come in who are on cholesterol statins but their doctor did not prescribe high levels of CoQ-10. Statin medications inhibit a critical enzyme called HMG CoA reductase, which produces cholesterol but also allows CoQ-10 to function.

So you're taking a medicine because we're concerned about your heart and brain, but it eventually causes your heart and brain to fail. Isn't it brilliant? In a nutshell, CoQ-10 makes everything in the body work by supplying ATP. Statin medicines deplete the body of CoQ-10, thus you must supplement with significant doses of CoQ-10 or your heart and brain will stop working.

It is crucial that you take CoQ-10 if you are taking a statin. If you are not, it is critical that you take CoQ-10. It is one of the vitamins I recommend to all athletes and business owners. My wife and I both take it on a daily basis. I take approximately 800mg per day, and my wife takes approximately 400mg per day. I usually recommend high dosages to those on statins, so if you're on one, take additional CoQ-10 because your body desperately needs it.

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