MTHFR in Pregnancy Success and Wellness

All we hear about B vitamins in the news is that they are good for energy, but they do so much more. Not long ago, I saw a woman in my clinic who was having serious problems keeping, or maintaining, her pregnancies. She could become pregnant, but she would quickly miscarry. Her doctor was baffled because all of her hormones appeared to be functioning normally during her pregnancy. When this occurs, it is frequently due to an increase in inflammation, which alters the chemistry of the body.

The blood work on this woman revealed excessive amounts of homocysteine, which is very inflammatory to the body. However, it was also a warning sign that should have alerted us to the problem. People with elevated homocysteine levels should be tested for MTHFR. This is a mutation that causes the body to be unable to methylate effectively, with one of the adverse effects being an excess of homocysteine. More crucially, the body cannot manufacture fully methylated, therefore usable, folic acid or 5-methyltetrahydrofolate for this woman.

Once we determined that this particular person had MTHFR and were able to detox the body and reintroduce all of the B vitamins, she was able to not only feel better but also carry a successful pregnancy to term. B6 assists the liver in keeping bile salts in suspension and can alleviate nausea. B2 aids in the body's sleep and regeneration. Folic acid, often known as vitamin B9, aids in the production of healthy mucous membranes for the gut, brain, and, in this case, pregnancy.

Thiamin, often known as vitamin B1, aids in the correct functioning of the brain and nerves. This is why it is critical to comprehend the chemistry that we introduce into our bodies. Without it, the body cannot function correctly.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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