Isotonic is holding the tone like Yoga, but isometric is how hard you are pulling/pushing. Which is right for you?

There are many ways to work out, and I want to cover some that impact us, and you might have yet to think about this. Isotonic means that you are working out by holding the same Tone or how hard you are pulling/pushing for some time. Think of Yoga and holding a position for a time and how that feels.

The other term I want to talk about is Isometric. This means that you are holding the muscle under load at a specific length. So, between the 2 of these, we have to keep a weight at a specific point in space for a specific time.

Many people imagine doing this in a gym, which is fine. However, I want you to understand that this happens all the time, 24/7. This is important because sitting, standing, in the wrong position, or posture is so damaging.

Your body learns how to hold itself and will get a higher Tone the more it sits around. If you sit or stand in a position that is bad for your body, heels behind the knees, head past the center line of your shoulders, things will start to stay that way. Your body will start to tighten the muscles in an attempt to secure and hold that position as long as possible.

This will change your Tone or posture. This is where we get biomechanical, or positional, long-term damage. I get asked all the time by people whose lives are spent on a computer, "How did I herniate a disc? I have never been in a car wreck?"

While you have never had a serious force go into your body all at once you have had one go into you every day for weeks or years. That bad exercise of poor postural positioning is what is breaking you. Move your environment to suit your posture.

Understand that allowing yourself to be in a bad position will teach your muscles to stay in that bad position. This will change the way your body works and moves. Sitting and standing properly will undo this damage, but you must understand it and make actual changes.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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