Is it OK to change your mind and feel good about yourself?

Sometimes in life we are confronted with information that makes us doubt a lot of the older information we once trusted; information we have held close to our hearts as truth.

Information that we got from people and sources that we were told to always trust, like our parents. Due to the people that told us, the number of times we were told and the idea that everyone else thinks this way, if we then get new information, it is oftentimes hard to assimilate that new and contradictory information.

The idea is that often, people, companies and institutions may have secondary agendas. That, perhaps, our best interests are not what keep these people and institutions up at night. It can be confusing and scary.

As information about a wide variety of things starts to come out, make sure you take the time to evaluate. Ask questions so you can personally understand and then decide what you are going to do with that new information. As we all go through this time and we start finding out more and more information about all aspects of life, do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed.

Seek out professionals in the space, listen to both sides of arguments and try to choose for yourself. Even though new information may go against what you have “known” for so long, it may be something that could change long-held beliefs. I have had to do this over the last few years, and it has changed the way I evaluate information and radically changed my viewpoints on multiple subjects.

Remember changing your mind about something, regardless of how long you have held an opinion, is not only possible; it is important and is how growth happens.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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