Is Cancer or heart disease the leading killer in the United States?

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the developed world. A total of 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the US. About 600,000 people in the United States will die each year from cancer. This number does edge out heart disease at 500,000.

Many of these deaths were preventable.

There is a growing knowledge of how to kill cancerous tumors when they have grown. However, there is also significant information on how to prevent cancer from ever-growing. I say growing because cancer isn't like a cold or the flu.

You do not catch cancer; you grow it.

Just like anything you grow, some conditions make the growth thrive and thus grow faster, and some things will keep it from growing. This is especially true for people who have the genetic markers to be predisposed to cancer.

I want to point out that cancer patients do not need genetic testing. They grow cancer and thus need to recognize the immediate need to change their “growing environment”.

The significant system changes that create the environment for cancer are reactive oxidative stress or ROS. ROS occurs when we have psychological stresses that hold for too long in our bodies. These stress events change how the body functions, produce inflammation and release chemicals like high cortisol levels that, over time, destroy the body.

ROS chemicals are also produced from normal metabolism and then are carried out via our detoxification pathways through the liver, lungs, and kidneys. However, this process can easily be disrupted, leading to a buildup of ROS that can damage the entire system.

We need to change our outlook on cancer from one of killing cancer to one of preventing it. The urgency goes up for those that have been tested to be genetically predisposed or for those that have had cancer. Wellness care cannot be considered wellness without cancer prevention. Destroying ROS chemicals is very easy, and detoxifying the body is also very easy. These processes are just not done.

When I talk about stress and eliminating it and its damaging effects on people, this is what I am talking about. If you do not currently have a wellness plan to identify ROS issues and eliminate them, you are at risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and many other life-ending as well as quality of life-limiting ailments.

  • Have you had your stress levels assessed?
  • Have you had your genetics run?
  • Are you currently on any detoxification protocols?
  • What are you doing now, in your daily life, to destroy ROS?
  • What are you doing for your children to eliminate ROS?

If you have no plan for this, you are most likely walking down a path that has significant potential to turn into an adverse health event. Find a way to combat the ROS that your body is already producing and find it today.

Many doctors are working on this issue, and I urge you to find one and start working today.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only. Before taking any action based on this information you should first consult with your physician or health care provider. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions regarding a medical condition, your health, or wellness.

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