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So, if you follow me or certain other individuals on social media, you will see this, so I'll discuss it before you do. To provide some context, I lost a family member to an opiate overdose a few years ago. I've seen firsthand what it can do to a family. Years later, I witnessed the mother of this person start crying for no apparent reason. Since then, I've done a lot of research on opioids, how they work, why we use them, and what alternatives there are. I consider this part of my profession because I deal with suffering at least 20 times per day with each person I speak with.

I've also stated that I support the medical usage of cannabis. I've also said that I work for other companies and that we accomplish great things. But I've never really written about everything else I do. I've mentioned it in passing, but I don't post about or go into great depth about The Athlete Group, or TAG. However, I traveled to California with a group of folks last week to help advance the legalization of medical cannabis in Texas and the United States. I am completely open to discussing this here or in person.

Please ask any queries you may have. To respond to some of them, sure, I know doctors who can prescribe medical cannabis for certain ailments. Yes, we are working on setting it up via telemedicine. Yes, I am bringing cannabis strip technology to Texas and the United States for folks who require medical cannabis but do not want to smoke, vape, or consume sweets. No, I don't know when it will be offered in my workplace. If you want to keep up with the tale and everyone we met, follow DrChalmers1 on Truth, Instagram, Rumble, YouTube, and Twitter.

I'll be blogging about it, as will everyone else who came with us. You can keep up with them all through the postings we'll be creating soon. Remember that the purpose is to expand options, expand liberties, save lives, preserve families, and empower doctors to make healthcare decisions rather than bureaucrats. We were able to persuade a number of people to come and listen because to our business contacts. Some of the people in the photos support legal cannabis, while others are as opposed to it as you can be while keeping an open mind.

Do not assume that everyone in the photos feels the same way about the problem. We are gaining supporters by sharing information and knowledge on various topics. If someone in the photos we provide says they are against the usage of medical cannabis, believe them. When we all departed, not everyone in our discussions agreed on legalizing.

Check out Chalmers for Wellness updates! And ask me any questions you have at I answer all of them and look forward to hearing from you.

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