Humanity needs social interaction and human connection

The world is changing for many of us. We work from home more frequently and meet virtually rather than in person. While this is often more convenient and productive, it also isolates us from others. I understand the allure of being apart from certain people, but people need people. We all need a group of people we see in person occasionally, whether a church group, book club, or workout group.

Some of us have jobs that require us to interact with people all day, every day. Others of us may find it more challenging to interact with others. Seek opportunities to be around other people regularly; it will benefit you in various ways. Interaction with others has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of reducing anxiety and depression. It is also, unsurprisingly, one of our most essential memory triggers.

If you now work from home and have noticed that you have limited interaction with people, I recommend finding a group of people you can choose to be around. If you have a group, I encourage you to invite others to join you. Many times, an invitation is all that is required to lift someone's spirits. I spoke with several people who said they only realized how isolated they were during the lockdowns once they were invited to meet up with people again. This is especially true for our children. Reuniting them with friends is critical for their mental health and overall growth and development. So, take that guy/girl trip. Take the kids to school events. Find reasons to be around people and let people come to you.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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