How to Fix Scoliosis: Exercises to Balance Tone and Straighten Your Spine

I've said that plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, and frozen shoulder are all simple tone concerns, but I don't think I've covered the exercises for scoliosis, so I'll go over that today. Now, one of the most important aspects of scoliosis that must be addressed first is seeing a good chiropractor to ensure that all of the joints are still moving. You will be unable to activate the muscles between the joints if they are not moving.

Next, you'll need a weight-bearing, or standing-up, X-Ray of your spine to determine how the spine is curved. If you have a S curve, you can still correct it; however, it is more difficult and sometimes requires blocking. If you or your child has a C-shaped curvature, this is a simpler remedy. The side of the C that is concave, or the interior of the C, is your high tone side.

Your tone is low on the convex side, or the outside part of the C. To equalize the tone, train the muscles on the convex, outside of your spine more than the muscles on the concave, inside of your spine. One of the simplest methods to work on this is to stand up and lean to one side as far as you can, then return and go the opposite way as far as you can. The secret is to only burden one side of the body. So you're holding a weight with one hand but not the other.

The weight should be held in the hand on the concave, within the C, side of the spine. Remember, you're focusing on tone, so do this numerous times every set and multiple times per day, such as 3 sets of 20, 5 times per day. Also, go slowly and concentrate on this while doing it. It will take about 30 seconds longer, but it will work much better. The idea is obviously to stimulate the muscles on the low tone side as much as possible so that the brain changes the resting tone. I like to have follow-up X-rays every 3-5 months to see how things are changing. The younger you are when you begin this, the greater the amount of change that will occur.

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