How L-Lysine Can Be Your Secret Weapon Against Herpes

People appeared to enjoy my essay on Myo-inositol and PCOS, so I wrote on another lesser-known vitamin for wellness. If any of you have herpes, which affects approximately 80% of the population. Cold sores or fever blisters are included since they are the most prevalent form. Taking L-Lysine orally is one of the quickest ways I've seen to get rid of them. For most people, starting Lysine as soon as you notice a fever blister beginning can often prevent it from fully growing.

If you wake up with a fever blister, taking more Lysine will help it heal faster than any other remedy I've seen. If I sense a fever blister coming on, I usually take 4 capsules four times a day. It is difficult to overdose on Lysine or any amino acid, but if you do, it will usually only soften your intestine. Lysine is an amino acid that is one of the most effective anti-viral nutrients that we have easy access to.

In fact, until I developed the covid regimen, Lysine was the most effective antiviral we had. My flu treatment consists primarily of lysine, vitamin C, and vitamin D3. I'd guess that for most people if you became sick and took HCL and Lysine properly spaced apart, you'd be able to get rid of 50-60% of your problems in a couple of days. You can even take Lysine with most drugs; check beforehand, but I'm not aware of anywhere you can't because it's found in many proteins and is already in your body.

However, incorporating it into a medical regimen often speeds up the process. So, as always, if you're having trouble locating nice things, go to I've included the link at the bottom.

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