How do you handle people that hold you back from achieving your goals?

Many voices are out there now telling you that you should cut negative and draining people out of your life. The idea is that your life can be improved, but getting rid of the bad people pulling you down or holding you back is gaining headway.

I am a big fan of this idea, as you cannot truly get better until you pull the thing that is poisoning you away from your body and mind. We should all evaluate our circle and see who is pulling us away from our goals and distance ourselves from them. I agree with almost everything being said on this topic.

However, it is not the entire story. It would help if you replaced those people with positive people. There is a bunch of talk about cutting people out of your life. However, there needs to be more discussion about adding in good people.

This is, of course, harder to do, but it is much more critical. One of the reasons it is harder to do is that we can all identify as negative and destructive. However, the person you need to add is different for every situation. For instance, if you have someone always doubting your business, health, ideas, or feelings and feeding you reasons why it won't work, getting rid of them is important, but who do you replace them with?

Where do you find these people? You can often find them in the exact place you think they are. If you need positive business influences, join a high-level business group. If you want to be around, successful business people pay more for the group you are joining.

If the other people wanted in, they also had to spend a lot. This means you'll be around the group you're looking for. If you need healthcare changes, find people at gyms that already live the life you want and introduce yourself.

Look at Facebook groups and start finding people there. With the internet, you are just a search away from a group or section of people that can add to your life. Seek them out, and find people to add to your circle, even if it's just for a little while as you grow.

The better people you add to your circle, the stronger you will become and the faster you will hit and maintain your goals.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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