How can chiropractic help you? And when should you seek help?

I have not posted about chiropractic, and as someone that loves it as much as I do, I should. There are a lot of issues that only an adjustment can fix.

My personal story with chiropractic started when I hurt my back in high school and could no longer walk. I saw everyone with a license to treat people before my coach made me go to the chiropractor. Within about five minutes, Dr. Harris was able to figure out what the issue was and fix it. I was carried in and was able to hobble out on my own that day and go back to football practice three days later.

Not everyone gets adjusted, and not every adjustment has such immediate and amazing results, but those were mine. Most of the time, people seek out a chiropractor for the pain. This is fine; however, getting adjusted regularly can help reduce the chances that something will hurt later.

Regular chiropractic care can significantly reduce the chances of herniating a disc. You can see sinus issues and ear infections calm down. With all the cool things I like about chiropractic, watching athletes perform at a much higher level when adjusted is one of my favorites.

By getting adjusted, an athlete can utilize a full range of motion, and since the joint now moves properly, they can have more balance and stability to the joint through that motion.

If you have pain, want to stay healthy in your movements, or are training for anything athletic, I would highly advise you to find a good chiropractor to see regularly. Think of it as maintenance on your body so you can have your body work right for the longest time possible.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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