Food Allergies: What You Don't Know

Food allergies are well-known among many people.

The notion is that someone can die simply by eating anything, such as a peanut. However, there is a minor reaction that we should all be aware of, which is known as food sensitivities. Other than death, this is where you ingest something and have an adverse reaction. Consider dietary difficulties on a sliding scale. On one side, you have incredibly excellent for your food, and on the other, it goes all the way to death for the same food but different people.

For example, I enjoy peanuts, which provide fantastic nutrients while murdering others. On the other hand, the distinction between health and death is critical to comprehend. Certain foods, metals, and additional chemicals might cause serious health problems if they are not discovered. My patient was suffering from inflammation, so she began taking turmeric. As her symptoms worsened, she increased her turmeric intake. She was subsequently unable to use her hands, and her feet started to pain. When I tested her against turmeric, she was susceptible to it, so I had her stop using it entirely, and three days later, her hands and feet felt a lot better.

In her situation, what is generally used to treat inflammation and pain was the source of her problems. Proper muscle testing is the only way to test for food sensitivities truly, yet, few people know how to do this. So, if you're not feeling well, it could be due to your food. To make matters more difficult, you may be perfectly fine with food A and perfectly fine with food B, but when you consume A and B together, you have problems.

As a result, I exclusively use muscle testing for foods because blood and scratch testing can only test one thing at a time.

Consider this, as well as how you feel when you eat the foods you eat. Finding somebody that can perform proper muscle testing will be beneficial.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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