Finding Truth in the Age of Lies, Seeking Out Trustworthy Sources

One thing I constantly hearing from patients and reading online is that folks are terrified right now because they don't know who to believe. While this can be frightening, it also has the potential to be beneficial in the long run. For example, those people who are lying to you right now and you can catch them in the act, whether it's a politician, the news media, or someone else from the government, have most likely been lying the entire time.

The problem was that you weren't capturing them since you didn't have all of the information. Now that you have more information, you can see how easily people in positions of authority can deceive you. They've been doing it for years, and the majority of people believe them. Not because they enjoy them, but because they need to believe them deep inside. If you believe for a fact that your government or the news is lying, you will be in a perpetual state of anxiety, creating a us vs. them attitude.

This is more than most people want to cope with, so they prefer to ignore their own sight and common sense in order to determine whether what the powerful people say is accurate. Because the powerful/cool people are heading one way, they want to blend in. This is also caused by dread. They feel helpless if the big boys are against them. Some people simply want to believe that the government is looking out for them, the little guy, rather than the people in power. However, as the lies become more ludicrous, this is beginning to shift. As the figures and data become increasingly absurd.

This is happening because we now live in a time where everything spoken online or on television can be promptly researched. At this stage, you can also see the other side of the argument. Because more information is available, lying becomes more difficult. The issue is that without people we can trust, we feel separated and alone. This adds to the stress and exacerbates the problems. However, as I already stated, this will turn out to be a wonderful thing. People who can be trusted will emerge from the shadows.

They will build a slower following and face significant opposition from the establishment, but they will arrive. Have faith and allow that faith to bring you calm. However, instead of sitting back and waiting, go out and find people you can trust. Is this person willing to provide you with research to back up their claims? Is this person willing to confess their error? Nobody is always correct. If someone can say, "Hey, I used to think this, but now I think that, and here's why," that person should be praised. Have you ever heard a politician, a member of the news media, or anyone else who is currently speaking out admit that they were once wrong?

We may need to broaden our knowledge intake to incorporate other social media sites like as Rumble and some new technologies, but these folks exist. Many of them are currently being hushed, but when they come out, give them a chance. Be critical, but don't assume that everyone is lying to you before checking on them. Also, don't assume they're telling the truth just because they're saying something different than the liars. Do not let hope die; good people will rise up because that is what they do.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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