Fat loss – Self-control over the holidays will make it easier to start

One of the things that people ask the most about is weight loss. I have often said that I will not work on weight loss but will help with fat loss. I will not help with weight loss because it ties success and self-worth to a number on a scale and isn’t healthy or the proper way to view your goals.

For instance, if you lose 5 lbs. of fat and gain 5 lbs. of muscle, you will look, feel and be much healthier. However, you will not lose any weight. Having said that, if you want to know the recipe for fat loss, I can give it to you.

It is pretty simple. Get your resting metabolic rate or RMR, and then you can look at your daily routine and figure out how many calories your day will burn. You then pick a calorie number between those two numbers, never less than RMR. Then you will have a daily caloric goal. Next, find your somatotype, or how your body reacts to sugar. This will help you find your macronutrient set.

The extremes are easier to do, so here is an example: Ectomorph 60 carb, 30 protein, ten fat, Mesomorph 30 carb, 35 protein, 35 fat, Endomorph 65 fat, 30 protein, five carbs. Cut your calories into a macro set something like this, and then stick to it.

The only other thing to check would be hormones. Testosterone is the number one thing to check, as testosterone is your metabolism. The test causes the repair of all tissue in the body, heart, bone, brain, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, and everything. I like to add intermittent fasting.

However, you do not have to. I run a 19/4 but whatever works for you spread-wise is fine. The most important thing is that you stick to it. It doesn’t matter if it is the weekend, someone’s birthday, or taco Tuesday.

If you have a goal, you need to stick to your path. People will understand, and if they don’t know why you have chosen to get healthier, perhaps you should reevaluate why they are in your circle.

Often, when people tell me that they can’t lose weight, it is due to missing or incorrectly applying one of the above factors.

Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and get ahead of the guilty feeling of overindulging. Enjoy the food, sweets, and other things, just in moderation.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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