Echocardiograms and Blood Vessel Health in Addressing COVID-Related Heart Issues

The echocardiograms have provided useful information. As some of you are aware, I tested for a decreased ejection fraction, and Lu also tested for certain abnormalities. Neither is vital today, but they both would have cut our lives short if we hadn't discovered the problems we can now fix. I have also found difficulties in otherwise healthy folks in their 20s. This is why we experiment. With the information gained from these tests, we can ensure that unknown cardiac abnormalities are treated when they are tiny and not as serious.

The issue that Lu and I were dealing with would have been a far bigger issue in the next 10-15 years. Our approach to the high resting heart rate and atypical tachycardia is to first perform an echocardiogram to ensure that the heart is in good working order before moving on to the blood vessels. What we're learning is that covid and the vaccination both attack blood vessels, which we suspected from the outset. This attack creates inflammation and impairs the body's ability to transfer oxygen throughout its system.

Just like in the lungs, it reduces the ability of oxygen to reach red blood cells. This is also why venting to others is ineffective. Covid patients can breathe; they just can't get oxygen to their RBCs. As a result, everyone with a lower pulse ox value should be hyperbaric. We will go on to specialist blood testing for inflammation once we have an echo and know the heart is healthy. When those tests come back, we'll be able to treat the specific inflammatory issues we're experiencing. If we have to utilize meds for this, that's great because I can clean up the mess they leave behind.

Remember that this is your body's mechanism of getting oxygen to the brain, heart, belly, arms, and legs; getting that oxygen to them comes first. If you have not had an echocardiography and would want to, please contact the office to schedule one. I tested both of my boys, and I have to say that when the results came back and they were both fine, even though I anticipated they would be, I felt a tremendous sense of tension release that I didn't even realize I was feeling. These problems aren't going away, and if we don't find out what we need to do to fix them, I predict worse problems in the coming years.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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