Don't Let Fear Hold You Back.

I am sure many of you wonder why I make such a big deal about psychology and talk about mental state so much. The reason is because of my study of neurology and biochemistry. Psychological stress does not just stay in your head. It goes all over the body and often ends up in the gut, where it will literally turn everything off. 

If you have stress all day and every day, you will lose your probiotics and the gut lining will start to inflame and degrade. This process is hardwired into us and you cannot change it. The only two options are to decrease the stress by improving your mental place or balancing it with supplements and exercise.

We need to find a way to reduce our stress, find peace and joy in everyday life, fulfill our purpose and have fun. This is highly personal, so you need to look at yourself and ask what do I like to do? What brings me peace and happiness? What calms me down? Really think about these things and develop a plan to act on them. Doing this can dramatically help your life today and forever. 

This is a process, though, so dive into it and start working on what makes you happy today and keep at it. You will find more and more ways of working fun into your life as you go. Do not be afraid of moving, getting a new job or meeting new people. So many people hold themselves back from the things that make them happy because of fear. In the words of my old football coach KJ, "Don't let fear hold you back."

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Dr. Matt Chalmers


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