Does burnout weaken your purpose?

There is a lot of talk about burnout these days, and people are trying to figure out how to avoid it, classify it, and combat it. It only exists in people who are working against their will. You may become exhausted, require a break, or even take a few days off, but if you are truly passionate about what you do, you will never truly burn out.

Consider the most difficult job in the world. Being a mom, rarely pack up and leave. You cannot burn out if what you do truly inspires you, moves you, and if doing this thing not only makes you money but also makes you happy. You will never burn out if you can find a job that is your hobby and to which you can dedicate everything you do.

This can range from being a parent to being a health care provider to being a car salesman. If you have chosen a passion as a career, you can work much harder and for much longer without becoming exhausted. Keeping this in mind, the further you work from your passion, the faster you will burn out.

If you are feeling burned out, if your job no longer fulfills you, I would encourage you to first discover your purpose and then live a life that reflects that ideal. This will not only allow you to work on something you are passionate about, but it will also keep you from burning out. Sometimes you have to give up wealth in order to pursue your passion, but is happiness and fulfillment more important than a new object?

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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