Detox is more critical to your overall health now than ever before. Disasters can exacerbate the need to detox.

The Ohio train derailment and some of the national health impacts of this disaster are being overlooked and not covered by the mainstream media.

I was on two news podcasts about polychloride compounds' accidents and dangers surrounding the Ohio train derailment. Both links are below.

One of the key points that came out of the one on the ENB podcast was about how tough the process is in removing the polychloride from the water and soil. “It is easier to clean up a nuclear waste site than the chemicals that spread across much of the U.S. from the Ohio train wreck.” - Dr. Matt Chalmers.

This is due to the chemical makeup vs. the nuclear fallout. Removing the nuclear material and fall out is almost as simple as removing the soil or filtering the water. The polychloride has to have the molecules separated before filtration. The EPA and other federal agencies are putting tons of soil and water through an incinerator 30 miles from ground zero in Ohio. This process is making the entire situation worse. The exhaust now covers several states and impacts water, crops, and animals at a much further distance than in the original incident.

The body produces lots of metabolic waste, which is toxic to the body. And daily, we breathe in harmful chemicals, viruses, dirt, pollen, and other things. When we drink water, it has a variety of things in it chlorine, Fluoride, a variety of medications that did not pass the filtering phase, agriculture runoff, and a host of other stuff.  


When we eat, we get to consume all herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, parasites, and anything in the air, soil, or water where the food was grown or fed. When we breathe, we take in all the chemicals in car exhaust, plane exhaust, pollen, dirt, lawn chemicals, and any insecticides we, our neighbors or the city, use.  


In short, the body must deal with/detox everything we breathe, eat, and drink, plus whatever waste we produce. This process is greatly reduced by psychological stress. If some of these chemicals are not detoxed quickly, they get stored in fat and can continue to damage the body for long periods.


This is why it is essential to help the body by detoxing every once in a while or on a constant maintenance schedule. When a known disaster or potential ecological negative impact can exacerbate the need for detoxing your body, doing detox programs more often will help you not only get sick less but make the symptoms less severe and allow you to heal faster. 


If you get sick, though, detox as soon as you start feeling bad. Or as a preventative measure when disasters may impact your potential new adverse ecological impacting events. 


Clearing your kidneys and liver will help the body process the extra waste you produce while sick, all the dead virus or bacteria particles. If you are sick or are starting to feel bad, do a kidney castor pack or 2 and then a coffee enema. If you know what herbs you need to take for the illness, you can often place them in the enema, which will help you as well.  The following video helps explain how to use a castor pack.

Do not use anything that burns if you put it in your mouth, like HCL or oregano. Ask if you have questions. You can increase your daily detox with specific supplements, RFA, HCL, Tudca, Superior B, Tomorrow-FX, and Superior Kidney. You can enhance this by doing kidney castor packs and coffee enemas a couple of times a week or month. I recommend doing a full liver and Kidney detox quarterly, though.

Keeping your body clean is one of the best ways to ensure future health and wellness.

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