Causes, Symptoms, and Strategies for Restoring Gut Health

Yeast overgrowth is something I see every day when I look at folks who have gastrointestinal troubles. When you have yeast overgrowth, you may have symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, acne, skin rashes, a white film in your mouth or on your tongue, rashes, hair loss, and other problems. The natural inquiry now is, "How did you get these problems?" You had an event, an infection, medical drugs such as antibiotics, or you ate antibiotic-laced food such as chicken at a restaurant, but most of the time I see this as a result of psychological stress.

Stress causes your body to function in an entirely different manner. This new mode of operation is known as a sympathetic state or fight-flight. While in this state, you transport blood and consequently oxygen to your arms and legs in order to fight or flee from danger. This means that blood, oxygen, and energy are all transported away from the gut. You'll be alright if you behave like this for an hour or so. However, if you are stressed out all day or for the majority of the day, this is not good. We have a huge problem if you are stressed out every day. Not only with yeast but let's stick with that for now.

Your probiotics will die first. The yeast that is always, and should be, in your stomach then takes over because there is now more room. It expands to all locations where probiotics were previously present. When this occurs, there is no place for the weaker beneficial bacteria to live. Even taking probiotics will not usually help much in this instance. This is when you should begin by killing the yeast. This can take a long time if it is coming out of your skin or causing recurring issues such as vaginal yeast or oral yeast.

However, it is necessary if you want to maintain a great quality of life for an extended period of time. There are several approaches to this. Medically, Diflucan or Nystatin are good options; but, if you want to go the natural approach, I recommend black cummin oil and oregano oil. If you're going to take oregano, I'd propose combining it with citrus oil or emulsifying it so that it acts more in the intestines than the mouth and throat. In any case, these should kickstart the process.

It is vital to understand that if you have yeast and start destroying it, you will need to focus on your detox organs since the dead yeast still needs to leave the body. So keep an eye on your renal packs and liver clearance. Once the yeast has been eradicated, using probiotics will be crucial to preventing yeast regrowth. If you are stressed on a daily basis, you will need to adjust the number of things you do for your body, but taking probiotics will be at the top of that list. This will promote intestinal health and prevent further yeast overgrowth.

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