Can you tell if your complacent or just content?

One of the most important mindset positions and struggles people go through is the balance between being content and complacent. It has developed into the saying that strives to be content but never complacent. This is a fine balancing act. On the one hand, you should be happy with what you have and what you have created.

While on the other hand, you should use your talents and create more. The idea is that you need more and still need more.

It's that you recognize what you have and are grateful for it but want to continue to grow and expand. We should all practice gratitude for the things we have, but if we stand around congratulating ourselves for too long, we miss the chance to grow and use our talents to further our purpose.

The question gets asked often when is it enough? When can you stop?

If you are waiting for someone to tell you it's never going to be enough and you can keep going forever, then I will tell you that now.

Understand how you got where you are and be grateful for those that helped you get to where you are, including yourself. However, understand that if your path is fulfilling your purpose, it should never, and can never be, enough.

Deciding that things are good enough and you can put your life on the coast will never get you where you need or want to be. The choice to be done, quit growing, and stop trying to fulfill your purpose will always create psychological strife.

One of my favorites, the parable of the Talents, isn't just about a one-time thing. It wasn't what a person does once with the gifts they are given. It's about a lifetime of work. Even if you use your gifts a bunch for a short time and then stop, you can squander your talents.

Also, do not get this twisted. It isn't about money. You can fulfill your need for money, but you can never achieve your need to feed into your talents. So often, we will look at someone very wealthy and think, why doesn't that person stop when it is enough? It isn't about the money. It is about the purpose.

Keep striving for growth, keep moving forward in your purpose, resist the option to be lazy or to stop, and don't get complacent.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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