Beyond Calories in vs. Calories Out for Fitness and Health

So, I'm ready to start a big fight with certain folks, but let's talk about it first. Calories in vs. calories out for fat and muscle levels is NOT the only thing to consider. Chemistry is important.

Does the body react the same way to 2000 calories of lemonade as it does to 2000 calories of vodka? No, that's ridiculous, but it's all the proof you need to realize that certain substances cause different reactions in the body.

Too many individuals believe that all humans have the same internal chemistry. Everyone on the planet has a body that does not function in the same way as the person sitting next to you or on the other side of the planet.

If we are all the same, why do peanuts kill some individuals but not others? Why do some people adhere to a diet plan to the letter but fail to achieve the same outcomes as others?

I see a lot of patients come into the office on various diets that are centered on calories rather than chemistry, and these folks are unhappy and not accomplishing their goals.

Calories exist, and we must account for them. That is not the point of my argument. My point is that different substances are required by different persons.

I believe the "calories are all that matter" craze began when people saw fantastic results on mesomorphs and assumed everyone else was the same, so suck it up, be devoted, and simply eat less.

Oh, you didn't drop the weight by dieting. It's got to be your fault. You must improve, stick to the plan, and exercise more. No, the person who wrote your diet did not correctly complete the chemical component. Now, reducing the last 3% to get on stage requires a masterful cut plan that often restricts calories.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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